Thai People – Krabi Town, Thailand.

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Thai People – Krabi Town -Thailand.

Posted By : Techhdarre

Koh Lanta

Thai people are by far the friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They are warm hearted and will greet you with a smile just for the sake of it…that’s just the way they are. The affect this has on a person is remarkable…the entire time I was in Thailand I had a feeling of well being partly because I knew that the next Thai person I talked to would be smiling and sincerely happy and interested to meet me. Not sure how they figured out the secret to happiness but I plan on finding out. I do know that most have a per capita income that would put them far below the poverty line in Canada yet I see far more smiling faces here than back home. Happiness(at least inThailand), it seems, doesn’t require a whole heck of a lot of money…that’s a refreshing thought!
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South Thailand: Krabi

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South Thailand : Krabi

Posted  By : Cumi & Ciki.

Krabi Thailand, one of the most relaxing places on the planet. Stunning scenery, fantastic white sand beaches, a coastline with over 200 islands and a jungle covered interior revealing towering limestone cliffs, caves, waterfalls and exotic wildlife.. this was totally where I wanted to park myself for the New Year count down, I merrily told Cumi. Ah.. Krabi a place we visited several years ago and had fond memories of. The last time we got off the plane, we were greeted by a big Krabi chill. Yes, it was an unexpected ‘autumn climate’ that hit the Krabi residents by surprise. Everyone was wearing 2 layers and we arrived in tourist style t-shirt, shorts and slippers. Yes, we were shivering! This time it was warm and sunny as we arrived mid-morning in our Honda stallion from Trang. Instead of staying in town like the last time, we ventured into Railay Beach to find an accommodation before 2008 year end celebrations, as it would soon be the 31st Dec 2008. Railay is where the action is.

Here is the newly opened Sala Talay Boutique Resort. Upmarket and really cool.
Highly recommended for the ultimate Spa experience.
As Ciki needed to achieve
the right shade to blend in with the night..,

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Sunset at Aonang, Krabi, Thailand.

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Sunset at Aonang, Krabi, Thailand.

Posted By : Wilson and Rachel

A short Sunday post. My last December trip to Krabi with my friends was a memorable one. Though the company was good, but the scenery was better. Let me explain also why we picked to stay in Aonang instead of Krabi town. Before the trip, I tried to look for images of Aonang of Krabi, nothing much was found. So then, during the trip I took quite a number of Aonang of Krabi to show it here on my blog. Aonang  is a popular hot spot and its only minutes away from the airport. The main road is usually packed with stalls and shops selling from clothes to diving equipments. Not forgetting as well the local tour booths and a variety of restaurants and cafe of different countries.

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Lovely People of Krabi

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p1010003In the past, a great number of foreigners, such as Egyptians, Romans, Arabs, Indians and Chinese, stopped at the sea port of Krabi during their long voyages. The exchange which took place was not only commercial, but also cultural. It was in this way, that Krabi developed a charming character of its own.

The result of 3,000 to 5,000 years of pleasant cultural blending can be plainly seen in the character of the local people today. Krabi people are typically bold, assertive, open, direct, trustful and above all welcoming to strangers.

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Around Krabi Town

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With its situation on the estuary, Krabi has been a commercial town from the past to the present, but with different purposes and businesses. Those appearing now are mostly part of Krabi’s tourist centre to the many spectacular islands in the Andaman Sea. The size and shape of sea-going vessels have also changed from large ships used in trading to the relatively smaller passenger boats used in the tourist industry.

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Krabi Week End Getaway

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Krabi offers an exciting and memorable holiday where the ocean and tropical offshore islands become the favourite playground for all who made Krabi as their holiday destination and especially those visitors who made repeated trips annually.

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