Krabi 4 Islands Excursion

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Phranang Cave Beach
Points to consider when you are planning a stress free holiday in Krabi :-

1. Choose an excursion for the day from the wide selection of  attractions you want to visit and explore ?
2. Try to do an early advanced reservation due to your time constraint and precious holiday moments. No use walking, haggling for a last minute bargain on the beach ending up with a frustrating and tired mood for your loved ones.
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Drive To Krabi – Day 4.

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Destination : Krabi – Island Hopping
Posted By Kent

Date : 23rd September 2009

Today is the highlight of our trip – island hopping.  The company will pick us up at 8.30am. Wake up earlier and had our breakfast at the hotel. Since I had a little time to spare, I decided to have a short walk at the beach right in front of the hotel. This is the first time visit Aonang Beach since I arrived 2 days ago.

To be honest, the beach here is not attractive at all and I hope the Island will not disappointing us.

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4th Day In Krabi.

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4th Day In Krabi.

Posted By : kspay

4th day. The same breakfast and same venue we have for today. Enuf photo for it, skip ^^

Today 4 islands tour by Long Tail Boat. No more speed boat, cos this is complimentary tour from our ASEAN package by Peace Laguna Resort. (speed boat tour more expensive) Is good also, giving us a new experience. The one sitting on wheel chair is an Australian, the girl beside him is from Thailand. Maybe is his tour guide. Didnt ask, but she is taking care of him during this trip. They also staying in Peace Laguna. Because of him, you can see the good side of human. People is helping each other although we all coming from different country and different color of skin. Both the tour guide and our European tourist carry and help him to up and down from boat on every stop. Of course, I did help as well, just I am to slip to carry him. So, I only helping in carry his wheelchair ^^  from this direction, this island really looks like a turtle for me ^^ (It is actually 2 separated island)

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South Thailand: Krabi

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South Thailand : Krabi

Posted  By : Cumi & Ciki.

Krabi Thailand, one of the most relaxing places on the planet. Stunning scenery, fantastic white sand beaches, a coastline with over 200 islands and a jungle covered interior revealing towering limestone cliffs, caves, waterfalls and exotic wildlife.. this was totally where I wanted to park myself for the New Year count down, I merrily told Cumi. Ah.. Krabi a place we visited several years ago and had fond memories of. The last time we got off the plane, we were greeted by a big Krabi chill. Yes, it was an unexpected ‘autumn climate’ that hit the Krabi residents by surprise. Everyone was wearing 2 layers and we arrived in tourist style t-shirt, shorts and slippers. Yes, we were shivering! This time it was warm and sunny as we arrived mid-morning in our Honda stallion from Trang. Instead of staying in town like the last time, we ventured into Railay Beach to find an accommodation before 2008 year end celebrations, as it would soon be the 31st Dec 2008. Railay is where the action is.

Here is the newly opened Sala Talay Boutique Resort. Upmarket and really cool.
Highly recommended for the ultimate Spa experience.
As Ciki needed to achieve
the right shade to blend in with the night..,

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Road Trip – Krabi, Thailand!

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Road Trip – Krabi, Thailand.

Posted By : Ina Mohd

Destination – Krabi, Thailand.  Distance to destination – 850Km. Departure point – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Total cars in convoy – 4.  Stopover – overnight at Hat Yai, Thailand.
It was a 5-day trip.  4 of them were spent on the road.  That leaves us with only one full day to enjoy Krabi.  11 of my family members occupied 2 cars, while 2 of our friends in the other 2 with their families.  The journey to Hat Yai itself was an 8 hour drive.  Thank god I’m wasn’t driving!  …or so I thought.  My dad had fever on that day so I took over the wheel.  Poor thing was coughing nastily throughout the whole drive.
We stayed at the beautiful AoNang Villa Resort.  Gosh.  Felt like I was in one of those Travel Channel show reviewing hotels (think Samantha Brown’s Passport to …Asia?).

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Poda Islands

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Poda Island

8 km West of Ao Nang, this small group of islands has a natural landmark in Chicken Island’s limestone rock, resembling a chicken’s head and neck. At the back of the island, you can find yourself in an underwater world of brilliantly coloured marine life.

Locals refer to this as Poda Nok Island (Koh Darm Kwan). At low tide it is possible to walk along a connecting beach or sandbank from Chicken Island to Mor Island.

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