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Ao Thalane Kayaking
Touching base in Krabi,  one must not missed out kayaking in Ao Thalane, which will allow visitors to paddle through pristine nature at its best  setting.

Ao Thalane is a small fishing village, located in the heart of a well established natural network of  intricate mangrove channels surrounded by towering limestone canyon  formations  complete with lovely sandbanks where navigation is possible only  during low tides.

This participating kayaking day tour provides the perfect way to explore the  natural eco-friendly environment of Ao Thalane, known in Thai as Muddy Bay.

Enter and explore this fragile environment that is unique as a life-ecosystem with its beautiful bay of matured mangroves surrounded by thousands of  crickets playing their brand of orchestrating echoing music around the high limestone formations as their performing theatre. A serenading world by itself, peaceful refreshing, enjoyable experience and possible only with kayaks and canoe, a must do for anyone visiting here.

Ao Thalane Kayaking

The bio-diversity complex system  supports various wildlife such as birds, reptiles and mammals. Of the birds frequently sighted in the mangroves, there are brown-winged kingfishers, Pacific reef  egrets, swallows and white-bellied sea eagles. The most commonly sighted mammals and reptiles are otters, monkeys, gibbons and swamp monitor lizards. In the muddy shallow waters, fiddler crabs and mud-skippers are also commonly found. Very often visitors experience close encounter with the monkeys  splashing, swimming and playing among around the water edge.  Some with their young one closely slung across their stomach. Don’t panic when they jump straight into your kayak and check for food………….

To cruise this fragile and rich ecosystem with it’s pristine surrounding away from city life is a rare moment to enjoy. What makes the experience even more unique is the fact that the bay was only recently discovered, so it is almost unspoiled and relatively unexplored in its entire life-ecosystem.

Ao Thalane Kayaking

On the way to the main mangrove forest try to stop by on a sandy beach and visit the  few hidden sea caves along the way. Ao Thalane dazzles all eyes with its scenic coastline and in-land seas. By paddling a canoe or kayak through the intricate waterways, you can penetrate the diverse swamps and limestone karsts, highlighted by a lagoon and canyon. Rest yourself here in supreme tranquility, where you and Nature breathe in perfect harmony.

Taking this unique kayaking excursion allowed me  to appreciate the rich natural resources of  Krabi province, especially on this trip without damaging  the environment surrounding.

Deal or no deal for the man in the kayak:-
“After socializing with so many monkeys for the day, I wanted to live there with them and become a monkey man, but too bad they don’t have steak there, so I decided not to. However, this is one memory that I will love and for the moment, got swollen thumbs and ached body pains, time for another massage when I get back to the hotel room.”

Ao Thalane Kayaking

Been here and what blogger discovered & experienced :-

” Ah, one of my many close-up-to-monkeys experience. Well, when we first rowed out, there weren’t any monkeys though our guide kept making noises to attract their attention. Then it all started when he found his ‘pet’ monkey. She swam across (enticed by the basket of pineapples) from the mangrove plants and then sat quite tamely just beside me/ on the basket/ all over our kayak. I’ve never had a monkey sit so close to me so it was kinda cool. Imagine its tail thumping on your leg, Well, I don’t have much affinity for monkeys to be honest, but when it was so close-up, I somehow couldn’t help feeling a little awww….……..
Our guide knows this wild monkey so well that they could even get ‘intimate’… haha. Well, the picture is a little misleading, but our dear lil monkey here is actually more hungry than over-affectionate (trying to eat a piece of fruit that our guide has put in btwn his lips…) One of the things that keeps our guide in this area is the ability to remain close to nature . :



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