Anantara Si Kao Resort, Trang

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Anantara Si Kao Resort, Trang Only an hour from Krabi’s airport in the district of Sikao, discover a natural refuge that feels like a land far, far away. A place with more pine trees than people, where silver beaches slope into the cerulean Andaman Sea, and tiny islands of primeval beauty dot the horizon.

The private beach hidden within the interior of an islet. The flash of bright orange fins disappearing behind the coral. The fragrance of a specially selected oil as you listen to the sound of the waves. Dinner on a sandbank with a personal chef and a bottle perfectly chilled. A soak for two on a sheltered balcony, away from the crowds and the twinkling lights.

Nestled in the Sikao district of Trang province – just south of Krabi – Anantara Si Kao Resort and Spa offers a romantic experience of Thailand’s well-kept secret. Read more