Thai People – Krabi Town, Thailand.

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Thai People – Krabi Town -Thailand.

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Koh Lanta

Thai people are by far the friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They are warm hearted and will greet you with a smile just for the sake of it…that’s just the way they are. The affect this has on a person is remarkable…the entire time I was in Thailand I had a feeling of well being partly because I knew that the next Thai person I talked to would be smiling and sincerely happy and interested to meet me. Not sure how they figured out the secret to happiness but I plan on finding out. I do know that most have a per capita income that would put them far below the poverty line in Canada yet I see far more smiling faces here than back home. Happiness(at least inThailand), it seems, doesn’t require a whole heck of a lot of money…that’s a refreshing thought!

New Orleans is Sinking on a Scooter (Ko Lanta)

I had a cool moment. I was going to visit two English friends at another resort(Okay two very attractive English women friends) and I rented a scooter in order to bridge the 30km to get there. As an after thought I grabbed my walkman and favorite tape. It was night, the air was warm, the headlamp of my scooter cast the shadow of the scooter basket eerily onto the road before me. I headed out along the twisting mostly deserted roadway, the warm wind in my face, the Adaman Sea sparkling in the moonlight to my left . I clicked on the walkman and immediately entered into an altered state. Very seldom do I live my life completely in the moment but for that ride…I was there!

Koh Lanta.

The anticipation of dining with two awesome women, the tropical atmosphere, the exhilaration of riding a scooter along a dark, deserted, winding road at night were all elements. But it was the music that completed the moment. It was my favorite Tragically Hip tape and playing it right then heightened my already great mood. More significantly though, it brought home to me where I was and what I was doing: I was fulfilling a dream. I was travelling the world and in that moment experience an elated state of well being that surpassed anything I expected. It was that intense. Any question of whether this trip was the right thing for me to do was put to rest. I can remember thinking towards the end of that ride that if something happened and I had to cut my trip short and go home. And if someone were to ask me “If you added up everything that you put into your trip and everything that you got out of the trip…was it worth the effort?” I would emphatically say YES!

It was an amazing ride! One I’ll never forget and will draw on it any time my spirits need a lift.

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