Krabi 4 Islands Excursion

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Phranang Cave Beach
Points to consider when you are planning a stress free holiday in Krabi :-

1. Choose an excursion for the day from the wide selection of  attractions you want to visit and explore ?
2. Try to do an early advanced reservation due to your time constraint and precious holiday moments. No use walking, haggling for a last minute bargain on the beach ending up with a frustrating and tired mood for your loved ones.

Poda Island

If you love to do some boating, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing on the beach in the sunshine, chances are that  you will like this popular and one of the most favorite day tour in Krabi.

Chicken Island

Located offshore at Ao Nang Beach are a few islands with beautiful white coral sandy beaches and crystal clear water.
The four islands are :-
1) Phranang Cave Beach — spiritual tour & swimming,
2)  Chicken Island — for sightseeing,
3) Tup Island — for snorkeling and exploring,
4) Poda Island — a place to relax, swimming & picnic site.

Miracle Bay

Been here and what blogger discovered & experienced :-

” Today, we island hopped by long boat. It’s a lttle bit slower than speedboat but all the islands are close together and the sea was calm. Our day began from Ao Nang beach… By the time we arrived at Poda the sun was already high and it was only 9.30am – perfect for a little snooze, I mean sunbathe… This island also has monkeys but they hadn’t come down from the mountains and anyways they’re also really wild and pretty nasty, apparently. Chicken island, as it’s name suggests is not full of chickens, but in the shape of one! It’s got a head & beak formed by the cliffs, a body and wing shaped by the mountains. We stopped in the sea for snorkeling (at which point I shredded my hands on the oysters when I tried to grab a rock as a wave went over my head, slipped & twisted my toe climbing back up the ladder onto the boat and fell and banged my knee – all the bad karma catching up with me for being grumpy at breakfast). We also went to the beach on Chicken island but walked across the sea from the next island, let me explain… Tup island was actually two little islands connected together by a gorgeous little beach which forms when the tide goes out. It was like being back in the Maldives. The sea is light blue and clear and the colourful schools of fish swim circles around you in their large numbers. You can also walk on water!! You can walk across the sea from Tup Island to Chicken Island. Under the sea, a natural sand bank has formed with coral walls each side allowing you to walk across the sea between the two island. The final stop before heading back. The Pranang caves are on the same coastline as Raleigh beach.



4 Islands Tour – Krabi, Thailand

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Walk between 2 Islands

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