Our Policy

Term & Condition

How to Book.

To book the hotels/ package Tour, please fill out the booking form and send to us. Once we have received your  booking  we  will  email you confirmation of the availability. The email will contain a link of your secure payment  gateway. You will then have the choice of paying.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations / No show charges are applicable as detailed below.

1. Package Tour with accommodation
Cancellation by client.
A cancellation written notice must be received in writing according to the periods shown below. If received less than the following day, the charges are applicable without exception.

Low Season : less than 14 days (2 nights charge or 100% of stay if less than 2 nights booked)
High Season : less than 21 days (3 nights charge or 100% of stay if less than 3 nights booked)
Peak Season : less than 45 days (7 nights charge or 100% of stay if less than 7 nights booked)
*** Except Some specific hotel might have different cancellation policy. Will inform under booking details if any.***

2. Private Charter & Day Tour
A written of cancellation request must be received more than 72 hrs. before the actual date. Full refund will be apply.
If cancel less than 72 hrs. No refund.

3. Cancellation due to weather.
Cancel by us after consideration that the weather condition make unsafe for the tour and activities, will offer you as per step below.
1. Postpone the tour to a different day without additional cost.
2. Change to other activities for the same day ( If tour option is available ).
Pay the difference if the tour cost more OR refund the difference if the tour cost less.
3. Get a full refund.

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