Krabi Cookery School

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krabi-cookery-school-01You will learn through a practical hands-on approach, choosing your own dishes to prepare. The results will impress your friends back home with such culinary wonders as green Thai curry, fragrant soups, stir fry chicken with cashew nuts, and many other delicious and exotic dishes. One of the most distinctive aspects of Thai cooking is its use of herbs and spices. Some  Thai dishes are very spicy, but by no means  all of them. Thailand has a long history, going back to ancient times, of the use  of herbs for medical purpose, and this in turn has permeated the ways of cooking and preparing food. Sharing a meal is an important part of the day for any Thai person, and meals are seldom taken alone. That is why all the dishes are generally served at once during Thai meal, and why there is a communal spoon placed alongside each dish for people to help themselves and to serve others. Thailand is blessed with many varieties of plants, herbs and spices which ensures a balanced diet. Today, visitors can both relish classic Thai menus and study the art of Thai cooking.
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Return to the brass age

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The more things change in cooking, the more nostalgic we become for the original

So much in our lives works in cycles. We retire things we’ve used for years and grown tired of, replace them with something new, and then come to miss the originals, which we recruit back into service, their attractions revived. This principle can be seen in the cycles of fashionability that revolve around clothing, furniture, styles of decoration, movie genres and much else. It even applies to household tools and kitchen utensils. These days Thai consumers of kitchen items place the emphasis on convenience and the appearance of modernity. Pots and frying pans are lined with Teflon to keep food from sticking, plastic electrical water heaters are preferred to stainless steel ones because they look more attractive and pepper grinders are made of clear plastic so that the level of the peppercorns inside can be seen. But the cook whose kitchen is equipped with a copper-coated frying pan with brass handles, expensive items that must be imported, will be seen as the most up-to-date of all. Copper and brass kitchen equipment is now seen in Thailand as especially desirable.
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An Introduction To Thai Herbs

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herbs-01Greater galangal is an erect annual plant with aromatic, ginger-like rhizomes, and is commonly used in Thai cooking as a flavouring. The approximately 0.04% volatile oil content has therapeutic uses as carminative, stomachic, antirheumatic and antimicrobial agents. An essential ingredient in the preparation of the Thai version of red curry paste, Galangal is used in popular dishes such as the shrimp soup with lemon grass – Tom Yam Goong, chicken soup with coconut milk-Tom Kha Gai, stir-fried meat or vegetables in a dry red curry paste – Phad Prik Khing, a fish curry sauce – Khanom Jeen Nam Ya – and a Northern Thai curry called Hang Le.

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