Sunset at Aonang, Krabi, Thailand.

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Sunset at Aonang, Krabi, Thailand.

Posted By : Wilson and Rachel

A short Sunday post. My last December trip to Krabi with my friends was a memorable one. Though the company was good, but the scenery was better. Let me explain also why we picked to stay in Aonang instead of Krabi town. Before the trip, I tried to look for images of Aonang of Krabi, nothing much was found. So then, during the trip I took quite a number of Aonang of Krabi to show it here on my blog. Aonang  is a popular hot spot and its only minutes away from the airport. The main road is usually packed with stalls and shops selling from clothes to diving equipments. Not forgetting as well the local tour booths and a variety of restaurants and cafe of different countries.

Their small local taxi or “tut tut”  will be the most convenient way to travel in Thailand. But many would prefer renting a small bike or even a car. We hired a van as there were 8 of us. The van cost us 1200 Baht (US$ 35)  for 3 hours. Another good thing about Aonang  is the amazing sunset scenery. Many would walk during evening, to talk a glimpse of the breathtaking sunset from the beach. Not forgetting, Aonang  has the jetty to travel to nearby islands that includes Phuket and Similan Islands. This make Aonang Beach area more convenient for snorkeling and diving tourists. We stayed in Aonang for 2 nights and we loved it. We often walked till late. During night times, the street is usually packed and windy. There are also food stalls that open till late. Reasonable price and good food as well. We really enjoyed our stay in Aonang.

How to get to Aonang, Krabi:

Get a taxi from the Krabi Airport, it is around 30 min drive. There are also a number of backpackers inns or motels around the area. Rates differs from each other.

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