Bor Thor Kayaking

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Borthor Kayaking
One of the most popular activities in Krabi is kayaking through magnificient sea caves in Bor Thor. This simple, relaxing and environmental friendly activity enables visitors to paddle through a world of nature wonders that drives Krabi’s tourism.

Krabi, Surat Thani, Phang Nga and Trang are the areas in Southern Thailand where karst intrusions are most pronounced. These limestone karsts were formed 260 million years ago when shallow sea, running the entire length of South East Asia, slowly built up deep deposits of coral and shells which were later buried under sediments washing in from the land. Compressed  deep  in the earth, these remains  of  calcium carbonate formed limestone karsts which was trust up 30 million years ago when two continental plate collided. ( When you are in “Tham Pee Hua Toh,” look for the supporting evidence of fossillized sea shells up in the cave. ) With the celestial eruption, a labyrinth of cave chambers,  passageways and magnificent outdoor landscapes are created as favourite for kayaker’s paradise.

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Ao Thalane Eco-system

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Ao Thalane Kayaking
Touching base in Krabi,  one must not missed out kayaking in Ao Thalane, which will allow visitors to paddle through pristine nature at its best  setting.

Ao Thalane is a small fishing village, located in the heart of a well established natural network of  intricate mangrove channels surrounded by towering limestone canyon  formations  complete with lovely sandbanks where navigation is possible only  during Read more

Koh Hong Kayaking & Excursion

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Hong Island, Krabi
We are going to our “breathtaking room” to day dream and sanook on the beach. Once you enter, you are in a large natural lagoon with calm, translucent emerald waters and is relatively shallow. Totally encircled by cliffs, this turquoise pool is only accessible via a small opening in the reef, wide enough to accommodate just one boat at a time. The gorgeous cove is home to an interesting mix of marine species and as the sun descended, the receding tide gradually revealed a long stretch of powdery sand dotted with hordes of starfish, with Mother Nature demonstrating her magnificence, glory and beauty in one stroke
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Krabi Elephant Trekking

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Krabi Elephant Trekking
Elephant is seen as a symbol of the nation and a talisman for the Thai people. With their wrinkly gray skin and swaying trunk, they are a fascinating combination of brute force, gentleness and remarkable agility that inspires both respect and affection. Elephant calves begin their training when they are about four years old. They quickly learn and obey the words of command. They get to know their driver (mahout), and get used to being mounted and dismounted.

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The Magic of Phanga-nga Bay

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Believe It or Not Tabu Island was created because of anger. There is a local story that said : once upon a time, there was a fisherman who normally caught a lot of fish everyday for selling at the market. One day, as usual, he went to net, but it was not his day. He threw his net many, many times but got nothing. With great patience he tried again and again, but still got nothing.
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Aonang Princeville Resort & Spa

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princeville_homeAonang Prince Ville Resort Situated in Krabi province in the west coast of Thailand. Nestled on the beautiful beach in Ao Nang of Andaman Sea and just a shortwalk away from the beach. Ao Nang Prince Ville Resort welcome you to a paradise of   your holiday. Only 40 minutes from Krabi International Airport. You will stay in a peaceful nature “Ao Nang Prince Ville Resort”   offer 32 rooms, equipped with individually controlled air-conditioning, TV satellite, international direct dial telephone, minibar,   bathroom with shower/WC and bathtub. Specially in deluxe rooms we provide a safety deposit box, hair dryer and   complimentary coffee and tea set. Enjoy the entertainment at White Orchid Restaurant servicing international and Thai food all day and the seafood is amazing for it’s variety and as fresh as can be, bought daily to our kitchen from the local fisherman.

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Lanta Twin Bay Resort & Spa.

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twinbay_homeWorking Hotel Partner, Lanta Twin Bay Resort …. Twin Bay Resort is located between Klong Dao Beach and Kow Kwang Beach, peaceful atmosphere and natural environment on Koh Lanta yai Island, where the best conditions for swimming. The resort surrounding by the tropical garden.

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Wat Klong Thom

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Klong Thom museum is located on the grounds of Wat Klong Thom in Tambon Klong Tom Tai, km 69.5 on Phetchakasem Highway heading towards Trang. Relatively small and obscured, this museum has an impressive and varied collection of artifacts, dating back thousands of years. Some of the artefacts include pottery shards, stone tools, stone and ceramic ornaments in animal shapes, metal coin, ‘ face beads ‘ and religious coloured beads. Controlled excavations suggest evidence of ancient settlements and bead making from the 4th to the 9th Century.
This is during the period of Dvaravati when Klong Thom was thriving as an ancient trading port with seafarers doing their trade from India to China.  They avoid the Straits of Melaka during the monsoon season, made their way across the Isthmus of Kra from Klong Thom to  the old town of  Nakhon Sri Thamarat and seaward to  ancient China.
The Abbot at Wat Khlong Thom, Phakru Arthron Sungworakit has been active in promoting research on the site known as “Bead Hill.” or Khuan Lukpad in Thai.  He has set up a museum at the Wat which displays many of the interesting glass and stone beads. Many of these beads appear to have been made in the area, while others are most probably imports. The museum housed many artefacts – such as Greek & Roman coins, Indian and Chinese crafts etc. Recently, the Ministry of Culture pledged its support to the renovation of Krabi’s Wat Khlong Thom Bead Museum. The province wil provides a 10 million baht budget for the renovation of the museum. The Culture Minister added he would entrust experts from the Fine Arts Department to oversee the museum development, seeking both academics and culture experts help to register and declare the place as historical sites.

Image Source :  By Jim Lankton :

A brief history of all sorts of beads

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Secret of understanding ancient beads

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Crisis-hit Hotels Up For Sale

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Over 100 affected as recession, political turmoil hit tourism
By Nirmal Ghosh, Thailand Correspondent

BANGKOK: – More than 100 hotels and resorts are reportedly up for sale in Thailand as hotel occupancy plunges to historic lows on the back of the worldwide recession and the country’s political turmoil.

Two cases of H1N1 influenza found in Thailand now pose yet another threat to tourism.

‘This year is the worst for our hotel industry in 20 years,’ Mr Chanin Donavanik, chief executive officer of the Dusit International chain, told The Nation daily this week.

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Let’s Speak Thai

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Hi! These podcasts consist of English to Thai audio and video files produced by Jo (the Thai voice) and Jay (the English voice). To get you started with this interesting language, we select useful English words and phrases by topic, translating them into Thai. Learning Thai Read more

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