Thai Ancient Beads

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By Janine Yasovant
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A Voyage of Ancient Beads in Thailand

As a researcher and collector, one of my passions is ancient beads. In private sectors, beads are very famous and are some of the most stunning and varied items of jewelry here. We adore beads like amulets and they have been one of the most popular forms of personal adornment. We have few Thai books regarding the history of ancient beads so I plan to write a book about beads in Southeast Asia especially in Thailand and in other major cultural and geographical regions. I love the way artists make beads as revealing and inspiring symbols of humanity’s cultural and spiritual aspirations. I hope to finish my book within a few years.
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Wat Klong Thom

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Klong Thom museum is located on the grounds of Wat Klong Thom in Tambon Klong Tom Tai, km 69.5 on Phetchakasem Highway heading towards Trang. Relatively small and obscured, this museum has an impressive and varied collection of artifacts, dating back thousands of years. Some of the artefacts include pottery shards, stone tools, stone and ceramic ornaments in animal shapes, metal coin, ‘ face beads ‘ and religious coloured beads. Controlled excavations suggest evidence of ancient settlements and bead making from the 4th to the 9th Century.
This is during the period of Dvaravati when Klong Thom was thriving as an ancient trading port with seafarers doing their trade from India to China.  They avoid the Straits of Melaka during the monsoon season, made their way across the Isthmus of Kra from Klong Thom to  the old town of  Nakhon Sri Thamarat and seaward to  ancient China.
The Abbot at Wat Khlong Thom, Phakru Arthron Sungworakit has been active in promoting research on the site known as “Bead Hill.” or Khuan Lukpad in Thai.  He has set up a museum at the Wat which displays many of the interesting glass and stone beads. Many of these beads appear to have been made in the area, while others are most probably imports. The museum housed many artefacts – such as Greek & Roman coins, Indian and Chinese crafts etc. Recently, the Ministry of Culture pledged its support to the renovation of Krabi’s Wat Khlong Thom Bead Museum. The province wil provides a 10 million baht budget for the renovation of the museum. The Culture Minister added he would entrust experts from the Fine Arts Department to oversee the museum development, seeking both academics and culture experts help to register and declare the place as historical sites.

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