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Hi! These podcasts consist of English to Thai audio and video files produced by Jo (the Thai voice) and Jay (the English voice). To get you started with this interesting language, we select useful English words and phrases by topic, translating them into Thai. Learning Thai isn’t rocket science. Focusing on expressions with a high practical use, the podcasts at LTP are made for anyone with a desire to learn the Thai language. They are suitable if you are visiting Thailand, or here for work. With the aim of teaching you specific phrases and words, every episode in Learn Thai Podcast deals with one subject, e.g. food or dating. Each word or phrase is said once in English, then repeated several times in Thai. To help you get the pronunciation right, longer sentences and phrases are repeated word for word.

Learn Thai Lesson  : Thai Alphabet

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Learn Thai Lesson  : Pronunciation – The Five Tones

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Learn Thai Lesson : Complex Thai Vowels

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Learn Thai Lesson  : Introduction and Basic Words and Phrases

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Learn Thai Lesson  : Dating in Thailand

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Learn Thai Lesson  : Food and Drinks in Thailand

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One Response to “Let’s Speak Thai”
  1. Veronica Sam says:

    I am a volunteer worker in Pattaya and your lessons are most helpful – very clearly structured and delivered. Thank you.

    Are you planning to produce the lessons on dvd? I will suely but it!

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