Drive To Krabi – Day 1.

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Kuala Lumpur To Hatyai – Day One.
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Date : 20th September 2009
Time : 7.00am ( Malaysia Time ) – 4pm ( Thailand Time)
Destination : Kuala Lumpur – Hadyai
Distance : About 500KM

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Tiger Airways Increases Flights To Krabi

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Tiger Airways Increases Flights to Thailand

  • Flights to Krabi and Hat Yai doubled to daily, from 4 and 3 per week
  • New midday weekend flights to Phuket
  • Growing demand driven by low, low fares; Grab them on

Starting from 20 April 2010
Tiger Airways Singapore today announced that it will fly to Thailand more frequently to serve growing demand.  Tiger Airways will fly daily from Singapore to Krabi and Hat Yai. This is double the current frequency – four per week to Krabi and three per week to Hat Yai. Phuket, a popular weekend destination, will have new midday flights on Friday and Sunday, in addition to morning and evening flights. This brings the total weekly frequency to 14 flights starting from 20 April. Bangkok, another popular destination, will remain at 20 flights per week. Rosalynn Tay, Managing Director of Tiger Airways Singapore, said, “Within Southeast Asia, our Thailand routes have been getting so popular that we have decided to double our flights to Krabi and Hat Yai, and serve Phuket more often on weekends. We are happy that our famous low, low fares have helped people travel more often, and boost tourism in both Thailand and Singapore.”
Seats for these additional flights are now on sale. Pounce on them at

On the road from Singapore to Krabi.

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In this modern era of better transportation and communication services, the world today is getting smaller. A ‘tourist’ is a person who performs a journey for the sake of curiosity and the pursuits of pleasure from the novelty of sightseeing in a change environment away from the daily routine back at home. He or she is constantly faced with considerable uncertainty regarding a decision and may have only scanty ideas about the place he  or she visits, most probably due to the limited awareness and collected information. Different alternative of travel such as by air, sea or overland are evaluated against the criteria of wellness, budget and time constraint.

CLICK HERE & READ MORE DETAILS ABOUT KRABI DISCOVERY, we are here to provide details on local knowledge and up to date advice on locations, activities, transfers and accommodations.

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From Sungai Golok to Krabi

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From Sungai Golok and eastern side of peninsular Malaysia.

Lies opposite Sungai Golok is Rantau Panjang, an exit point for travellers leaving Malaysia who have visited interesting  places such as  Kuantan, Pulau Redang in Terrengganu, Pulau Perhenthan, Kuala Besut, Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Read  this related article to get to Kota Bahru.

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From Singapore and Malaysia

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Welcome Singaporeans, Malaysians and other visitors coming up from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.


300px-airasia_planeFrom 25th October 2009, Tiger Airways will resume direct flights between Singapore and Krabi four times a week. If you are planning a trip down to Krabi, you can start to book your flight tickets online. More details  at Tiger Airways also flies to Bangkok and Phuket from Changi Airport where you can get connecting flights down to Krabi.

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