Krabi/Phuket 2010 (Part 6)

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Krabi/Phuket 2010 – Phi Phi Islands Day Tour

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1. Gorgeous sight of anchored boats on Ao Nang beach, but this beach is definitely NOT for swimming

If you’re in Krabi or Phuket, and you shy away from the sun, the sea or even refrain from staying outdoors during daytime, you’re better off holidaying in Timbuktu. Really. Mentally and physically prepared for the imminent tanning, the gals slapped on sunscreen with the highest SPF (sun protection factor) there is in the market. Kind of amazing how their routine of applying and re-applying the lotion took place almost automatically, at fixed intervals. But of course, you’d better be well-prepared, for getting sunburn is NOT the most ideal souvenir you’d want to bring home after a long day out on the seas.

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Tiger Airways Increases Flights To Krabi

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Tiger Airways Increases Flights to Thailand

  • Flights to Krabi and Hat Yai doubled to daily, from 4 and 3 per week
  • New midday weekend flights to Phuket
  • Growing demand driven by low, low fares; Grab them on

Starting from 20 April 2010
Tiger Airways Singapore today announced that it will fly to Thailand more frequently to serve growing demand.  Tiger Airways will fly daily from Singapore to Krabi and Hat Yai. This is double the current frequency – four per week to Krabi and three per week to Hat Yai. Phuket, a popular weekend destination, will have new midday flights on Friday and Sunday, in addition to morning and evening flights. This brings the total weekly frequency to 14 flights starting from 20 April. Bangkok, another popular destination, will remain at 20 flights per week. Rosalynn Tay, Managing Director of Tiger Airways Singapore, said, “Within Southeast Asia, our Thailand routes have been getting so popular that we have decided to double our flights to Krabi and Hat Yai, and serve Phuket more often on weekends. We are happy that our famous low, low fares have helped people travel more often, and boost tourism in both Thailand and Singapore.”
Seats for these additional flights are now on sale. Pounce on them at

Recalling Days Of Ore.

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A Phuket museum will celebrate the island’s rich tin mining history

Phuket was once famous as one of the country’s major tin producers and the memories of days gone by when a thriving tin mining industry brought economic prosperity to the southern province remain vivid.  A local tin mining museum in Kathu district recently had its soft opening. It will relive the success story of the island province’s industrial past and promote local history. Scenes of vibrant tin mines are now a thing of the past, but every old tin mine has its own story to tell and is worth preserving for educational purposes and posterity. According to old records, tin mining in Phuket began around 1526 during the reign of King Eka Tossarot who ruled the Ayutthaya kingdom. Tin trading in Phuket began to thrive around 1686 during the reign of King Narai the Great of the Ayutthaya kingdom. French merchants then arrived in the province and set up companies with a monopoly in the tin trade. The tin mining industry in Phuket created economic prosperity for local communities for a long time before natural supplies of ore ran out. In the past, tin mining was very labour-intensive before it evolved into a large-scale industry using heavy machinery. Edward Thomas Miles, an Australian, brought the first tin dredge to Phuket in 1909. He was granted the Tongkah Harbour Concession Agreement to mine tin deposits on Phuket Island. Tin helped boost the local economy in Phuket.
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Resumption Flight By Tiger Airways

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As the saying goes :-
In every triumph there is a lot of try
By Frank Tiger.

Krabi Discovery celebrates the resumption of flights between Singapore and Krabi by Tiger Airways starting from October 25 2009. Pertaining to this, Tiger Airways is currently the only airline operating direct from Singapore to Krabi. Tiger Airways also flies to Bangkok and Phuket from Changi Airport. You can get your flight tickets now,  visit Tiger Airways website for more details. Read more

Phuket to become AirAsia regional hub

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3596096157_eb163924bc_mPHUKET CITY: Thai AirAsia will begin direct flight services to Phuket from several new major cities in the region starting by the end of the year, the low-cost carrier has announced. AirAsia will base five aircraft at Phuket International Airport as part of its plan to establish Phuket as an aviation hub, Thai AirAsia CEO Tassapon Bijleveld told a press conference at the Royal Phuket City Hotel last week. The cities include Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City and Chiang Mai. The first of the new flights will begin in November.

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From Sungai Golok to Krabi

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Direct Links To Krabi

From Sungai Golok and eastern side of peninsular Malaysia.

Lies opposite Sungai Golok is Rantau Panjang, an exit point for travellers leaving Malaysia who have visited interesting  places such as  Kuantan, Pulau Redang in Terrengganu, Pulau Perhenthan, Kuala Besut, Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Read  this related article to get to Kota Bahru.

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