Krabi, Ao Nang 2nd Day ~ 29 Aug 2010

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Krabi, Ao Nang 2nd Day – 29 Aug 2010.

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Early morning around 7:30am, we kicked start our day with the complimentary breakfast in Peace Laguna Resort, an international buffet which is similar to what is offered in most of the hotels or resort. I just like it ^^  Here comes the transport fetching us to port for our SPEEDBOAT island hopping – Phi Phi Islands.

Hsing was excited and initiated to take the front seat. Really front seat… … I was the most front passenger in this boat. We were happily taking some photos at the beginning … … just not too long, when the speed boat reached its top speed…. Jesus!!! The front seat was just terrible T_T We regretted sitting in front. My ass keep deviated from the seat as the boat was very bumpy due to the high speed along with the strong tide. We were so scared, as both of us are not good in swimming and we were not advised to put on life jacket. Besides grabbing the holder firmly, my legs also try to nestle closely to the seat. Hsing and another European girl kept screaming when the boat facing high tide. A total of 6 of us, 3 guys and 3 girls sitting in front seemed very nervous and scared T_T No more front seat on speedboat next time!!! We were thinking to change to back seat after the first stop. But the tour guide said, “please get back to where u sat just now” …. …. Walao!!!

The 1st stop, Bamboo Island. Place to snookering, but the tour guide didnt pass us the snookering tools =.=” What a lousy service. Lucky this is only swallow water and we do bring 1 set goggle.  Ah… Very very co-incidence, we met S.B.Wong & his wife Angie there. We were on the same boat (actually I saw them while boarding, but he didn’t notice me and I was a bit hesitate if I miss recognise him, thus didn’t greet him) and actually, we were coming with the same flight as well, even return.

Some photos for the 2nd stop, Maya Bay.

This place is nice, but only for photo ^^ When you are facing the sea, both on your left and right are surrounded by mountains, and at your back is the protected area that needs entrance fees. (We did not have enough time for that, as we only stopped on this spot for 30 mins)  Phi Phi Island ^^ This is boring… … Nothing to do. All you have here is hotel and shopping. We spent almost 1 hour free time on this island, but… …. boring =.=”  Look at our tour guide… … He was also boring and just laying on guni bag for rest =.=”  The next stop, Monkey Island. Just as the name, there are many monkeys on the island. Another boring stop. We didn’t really get down to the island. The boat just stopped for about 5mins near the island for us to enjoy the scenery and see monkeys -____- Shall I tell the tour guide, my satying place here in Setia Tropika also have lot of monkey on the road =.=”  2nd snokering

time. The 1st snokering was before Maya Bay. Both of us didn’t join the 1st snokering as the 1st stop was at the middle of the ocean!!! Shit!!! I am a “land duck”. You want me drown? Snokering in the middle of the ocean!!!  Anyway, the snokering here is only so so. For me, Redang Island has more beautiful snokering places ^^   Back to resort ^^ We had our complimentary dinner in the restaurant from our resort. It was a Thai set dinner, it was quite a good one. After dinner, we went a walk on the street outside our resort again, and made booking for our next day trip ^^

Ok, here the end of our 2nd day. Tomorrow trip would be elephant trekking and visting to local famous spts. We managed to negotiate for a really good price. 1 of the sales girl did not even want to serve us when she heard we were offered at 850baht per person by her colleague (they were 2 sales girls when made our booking). Anyway, she was still very polite and answering our questions even she did not show interest to serve us. As I said, nice attitude and very polite people over there. Actually her colleague only offer us 900baht. Just that Hsing saw a brochure on their table with hand written of 850baht ^^ Smart wife ^-^

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