4th Day In Krabi.

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4th Day In Krabi.

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4th day. The same breakfast and same venue we have for today. Enuf photo for it, skip ^^

Today 4 islands tour by Long Tail Boat. No more speed boat, cos this is complimentary tour from our ASEAN package by Peace Laguna Resort. (speed boat tour more expensive) Is good also, giving us a new experience. The one sitting on wheel chair is an Australian, the girl beside him is from Thailand. Maybe is his tour guide. Didnt ask, but she is taking care of him during this trip. They also staying in Peace Laguna. Because of him, you can see the good side of human. People is helping each other although we all coming from different country and different color of skin. Both the tour guide and our European tourist carry and help him to up and down from boat on every stop. Of course, I did help as well, just I am to slip to carry him. So, I only helping in carry his wheelchair ^^  from this direction, this island really looks like a turtle for me ^^ (It is actually 2 separated island)

1st stop, Tub Island. We are lucky to reach there at low tide. We can actually walk to another 2 neighbour islands by the sandy causeway. 3 islands link together as a “T”. Tour guide said the sandy causeway will be covered by water while rising tide. Is windy when we arrive here. Part of the sky also covered with dark clouds. We not staying long on this beach, as it rain about 20mins after we arrive, and the tour guide is asking us to leave.  Chicken island. Mm… really looks like chicken head lolz Only photo taking, no landed on this island. After chicken island is snookering time!!! No people helping us take photo while snookering T_T Don have our photo … … The point we having snookering is not very nice, has few kind of fishes and some coral, but according to tour guide the other point is better, just that windy day is too danger to snookering there. Poda Island. This island is nice. A very beautiful beach and scenery for photo taking. Look at the water. 2 tone colour. And this “cubing” island also very nice as a background ^^ Too bad no fishy around here. This also where we having our lunch-box. White rice, green curry and vegetable. Not a nice lunch, but enuf to regain energy =  P Phra Nang Beach. Another nothing to do island. we only walk walk along the beach and taking photo. Some local female providing foot massage on the beach with 300baht (more expensive than Ao Nang beach, which you can easily found 200baht per hour), some other selling BBQ corn and some giving monkey show.  Is boring on this beach. But the 2 European girls are having fun on climb up the boat and jump to the water, with different types of jumping style (the 1st photo below, but a bit small)

As windy and raining day, our tour also finish earlier than expected time. We back to Ao Nang around 4pm. So, we come out to hunt our dinner after bathing. Hsing wanna eat banana crepe, and we walk about 1km to another street for our banana crepe. This auntie really make a nice banana+coco crepe for us. The best crepe I have in Ao Nang. The crepe is very crunchy that makes it so perfect ^^ Auntie said, I give u special. Then she only sell us 20baht for the crepe, which banana+coco normally is 25baht (with only banana, then 20baht) after the 1st crepe, Hsing wanna eat another. Maybe I ate too much =P So we buy another banana crepe at another stall. This stall’s crepe not so crunchy, and no special … … 20baht.

Dinner time. We went back to the same stall for dinner again ^^ This time we orderedonly Tom Yam soup, BBQ corn and papaya salad. Ah! And Hsing bought another banana+coco crepe from other stall =.=” the 3rd crepe… after we finish our dinner, Hsing said she wanna try the banana shake that she saw when buying the crepe. So we bought another banana… .. actually is 2 banana, cos that lady use 2 banana for that cup of shake. Ha! Ha! Totally 5 banana for us. Hsing was thinking whether to try mango shake before order, cos we have had too much banana, but then the mango shake is 25baht, which compare to banana shake only 20baht, then we go for banana. =)

After purchase our banana shake, there is a doggy keep following us. This doggy very cute. When Hsing was sitting in front Swensen’s to take photo, it walk till beside Hsing to take photo together, then walk away after that. @.@
There is all for today. Tomorrow is the last day in Ao Nang lo… …
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