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The  recently concluded event, ” Krabi International Rock Climbing 2011 ” – was a tremendous success. Credits have to be given to to the hard work and co-operation  by the various groups such as  Krabi Provincial Administration Organization, Krabi Tourist Association, TAT Krabi Office and Railay Rock Climbing Club. The event highlighted rock climbing activity in Krabi Province and aim to push rock climbing activity as an annual tourism promotional event of the province.  Adding and further projecting the image of Krabi  as a renowned mecca
– ” a not-to-be-misses destination ” – with its natural beauty, majestic high karts and fully equipped facilities for rock climbers. Krabi has world-class rock climbing sites, with more than 600 rock climbing routes. The rock climbers are able to select their own levels and challenges. Another outstanding point is that beautiful scenery of Krabi province can be viewed from the top of the cliffs, such as limestone mountains shaped like boot, junk ship and bird’s head, as well as some islands like Koh Poda, Koh Tab, Koh Kai. etc. The competition was  divided into two categories namely the Lead Climbing Marathon and Deep Water Soloing. Apart from rock climbing activity, there are competitions on “Thailand Bouldering Asia Cup” and “Fire Contest”. Hopefully, Krabi International Rock Climbing will make the province  gain further  publicity mileage and will stimulate tourism in the province to a higher level.

Been here and what blogger discovered & experienced :-

” The second of January was the day of my initiation to the sport of rock climbing. I remember specifically because I was scheduled for the morning climb on the first but when I showed up fifteen minutes early (somewhat heroically, I thought, as I had celebrated the dawning of the new year downing buckets of vodka and Red Bull and dancing on the beach) the Thai guys from the climbing school were all too grimly hungover to do anything but laze red-eyed in the hammocks drooping from the wooden beams on the porch and told me to come back the next day. As I recall, in my last clear memory of Wee from the previous evening (I had met some of the boys from the climbing school the day before) he had an enormous spliff dangling from his lip and a bottle of Jack Daniels in each hand from which he was alternating swigs, so if that was indicative of the level of revelry perhaps I would be better off not being 25 meters above the ground with a still-wasted climbing guide shouting whiskey-muddled instructions from below.

The next day I went out for a half day top-roping course with a (presumably sober) instructor named Sol and a few other climbing hopefuls. Inwardly I was bitterly cursing my flip flop that had disloyally broken the day before as we hiked over the RAZOR sharp rocks that low tide reveals on the way to Eagle Wall, the crag where we would be climbing that day. We arrived at a tiny jewel of a beach which we crossed into the dense jungle forming its lush backdrop. The crag itself was easily accessible from here from a thickly rooted dirt pathway aided with a rope thoughtfully placed though of dubious reliability.We had two climbs, one graded a 5 and to its right a long and beautiful 6A called “Spiderman”. The exact details of the rest of the day after my hands and toes (clad in my borrowed, unfamiliar, and uncomfortably restrictive footwear) made that first contact with that mesmerizing limestone are irrelevant. After that first injection of the adrenaline-releasing exquisite high where you are clinging with precarious balance to a rock face high above the ground, and there is no map laid out to trace your tentative steps, and you are trusting your body weight on a foothold the size of a non-genetically modified peanut, and you are willing the moisture forming on your palms to evaporate because you are not yet fully aware of the presence of a little drawstring bag of chalk hanging at your waist for the express purpose of combating said symptom, and your muscles are strained to capacity, and a little rivulet of blood is making its way down your left shin, and there is no other place to go but UP…in the words of the Flaming Lips “suddenly everything has changed”. “


Rock Climbing @ Railay beach …Krabi / Thailand

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Rock climbing in Krabi-Thailand

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