The Mecca For Rock Climbers

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The  recently concluded event, ” Krabi International Rock Climbing 2011 ” – was a tremendous success. Credits have to be given to to the hard work and co-operation  by the various groups such as  Krabi Provincial Administration Organization, Krabi Tourist Association, TAT Krabi Office and Railay Rock Climbing Club. The event highlighted rock climbing activity in Krabi Province and aim to push rock climbing activity as an annual tourism promotional event of the province.  Adding and further projecting the image of Krabi  as a renowned mecca
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Krabi Rock & Fire International Contest 2011

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Celebrated Climbing
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Krabi Rock & Fire International Contest 2011
The recently concluded Krabi Rock & Fire International Contest 2011, held on April 16th and 17th April was a great success. International rock climbers from various countries arrived at Railay Beach and Tonsai Beach for the two days competition.  The event highlighted rock climbing activity in Krabi Province and aim to push rock climbing activity as an annual tourism promotional event of the province.  Adding and further projecting the image of Krabi  as a renowned mecca whereby  participants can have their skills judged.

Krabi Rock & Fire International Contest 2011

This tremendous success have to be recognized and credits be given to the combined efforts and co-operation by the following groups :-

  • Krabi Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports
  • Krabi Province Administration Organization
  • Aonang Sub-District Administration Organization
  • Krabi Hotel Association
  • Krabi Tourist Association
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand
  • Railay Rock Climbing Club
  • Business Tourist Club Ao – Railay, Leam Phra-nang
  • Business Tourist Club Ao Ton Sai
  • Other interested, authorities, organization, associations and clubs.

On The Rock

Krabi Rock & Fire International Contest 2011
Krabi has world-class rock climbing sites with more than 700 rock climbing routes created since  the late 1980’s. Magnificent limestone cliffs casting long shadow during the day makes a perfect heaven for climbers to select  their own levels and challenges. Sprouting along the shoreline with sheer vertical rock faces, international competitors gather to scale bolted routes with steep pocketed walls, overhangs and dropping stalactites.

Better Than A Gecko’s Foot

Krabi Rock & Fire International Contest 2011
Bouldering climbing is a popular sport in Tonsai and Railay. A good way to practice technical rock climbing skills over a  crash pad when hopping from stone to stone mimicking the agile gecko. Deep Water Solo is another form of solo rock climbing that relies solely upon the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury. Basically you take a boat out to an island and as the captain hovers near one of the cliffs, you dive off the boat with your climbing shoes on, swim up to the rock wall and start climbing. There is no need for ropes or a belay because if you fall, you end up in the sea. Ideally you want to reach a comfortable spot before letting go and kicking off the wall. Just slipping off a hold during a tough move and falling straight down is far from ideal but you can always start all over again.



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Krabi Celebrates Its Soaring Limestone Cliffs With A Rock Climbing Festival.

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In the heat of the midday sun, Anna Slukushicina, 30, a rock climber from St Petersburg, attempts an overhang 10 metres above Krabi’s Tonsai Bay. The prominent feature of an overhang, or layback, as climbers call it, is to oppose hand-holds with foot-holds and it’s a strenuous technique used by climbers to overcome some of the toughest spots. The crowd on the ground collectively holds their breath, clapping loudly when she finally completes the tough route. Slukushicina is one of 150 climbers participating in Krabi’s annual Rock and Fire Festival and she and her team partner take top prize, beating competitors from 14 countries in the Lead Marathon climbing contest by completing 47 out of a total 50 routes all over the Railay peninsula. Slukushicina, a rock climbing coach back home with 10 years experience to her credit, has travelled to many famous sites around the world, scaling rock faces in Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy and of course, in Russia. She’s spent the last four months in Krabi and says she really appreciates the towering limestone cliffs. “This is one of the best destinations for rock climbing. Nowhere else in the world can climbers stay by the sea close to these beautiful cliffs and climb anytime they feel it,” she says.

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Krabi Rock & Fire International Contest 2010.

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Mention Thailand and images of beaches, elephants and Bangkok come to mind. Less known is the fact Thailand rock climbing is some of the best in the world.

Thailand Rock Climbing
Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is bordered by Cambodia, Burma and Laos in the north and Malaysia in the south. The shape of the country is somewhat similar to Italy, and you’ll find similar differences between northern and southern Thailand that you do in Italy. For rock climbing enthusiasts, the south of Thailand is where the action is. The rock formations in Thailand are almost universally limestone. The level of climbing can be as simple as bouldering or as challenging as tackling over vertical cliffs. This makes Thailand a popular rock climbing destination since it has a little something for everyone.

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Extreme Krabi

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Deep water soloing brings a new sense of adventure to a destination noted for its beaches, caves and lagoons

For decades Krabi’s abundant natural heritage that manifests itself through gorgeous white sand beaches, soaring limestone cliffs, magnificent viewpoints, caves and lagoons have served as a powerful magnet that draws an endless stream of visitors from all over the world. Other than its enchanting beauty which is undeniably unmatched, another feature that makes Krabi stand out from other island destinations is a diverse range of activities available both on land and under water, ideal for all breeds of travellers. Lined with rugged karst cliffs and wide expanses of white powdery beaches that slope down to crystal clear sea, the Railey Peninsula is much sought by avid rock climbers. The scenic peninsula is an extension of the mainland but inaccessible by road due to Read more