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krabi-cookery-school-01You will learn through a practical hands-on approach, choosing your own dishes to prepare. The results will impress your friends back home with such culinary wonders as green Thai curry, fragrant soups, stir fry chicken with cashew nuts, and many other delicious and exotic dishes. One of the most distinctive aspects of Thai cooking is its use of herbs and spices. Some  Thai dishes are very spicy, but by no means  all of them. Thailand has a long history, going back to ancient times, of the use  of herbs for medical purpose, and this in turn has permeated the ways of cooking and preparing food. Sharing a meal is an important part of the day for any Thai person, and meals are seldom taken alone. That is why all the dishes are generally served at once during Thai meal, and why there is a communal spoon placed alongside each dish for people to help themselves and to serve others. Thailand is blessed with many varieties of plants, herbs and spices which ensures a balanced diet. Today, visitors can both relish classic Thai menus and study the art of Thai cooking.

There are morning and afternoon courses for you to choose, with different set of dishes to cook.

The morning course start at 09.00-13.00
* Curry pastes
* Masaman Curry
* Red curry chicken with vegetable .
* Spricy prawn soup ( Tom Yam Kung ).
* Lab Kai ( Chicken Mint Salad )
* Pat Thai ( Fried noodle Thai Style )
* Stir fry chicken with cashew nut .
* Stir fry sweet and sour chicken or vegetable.
* Fried rice with chicken or vegetable.

The afternoon course start at 14.00 – 18.00
* Curry pastes
* Green curry
* Penang curry ( Similar to Satay )
* Pat Thai ( Fried noodle Thai Style )
* Papaya Salad ( Som Tam )
* Tom Kar Kai ( Chicken in coconut milk )
* Stir fry chicken with holy basil .
* Stir fry morning glory .


Been here and what blogger discovered & experienced

” We were picked up by a truck on April 1, 2009.  Today, we were headed to the Krabi Thai Cookery School.  Ivan went to this same cooking school 3 years ago.  The teacher is a very friendly Thai lady named Ya.  The class was a group of 7 people and a monkey.  We started off by chopping ingredients for the curry pastes. Ya showed us how to make curry pastes with a blender.  Everybody started cooking up Pad Thai with chicken. I made mine with bananas.  The dish came out really good.It was time to make some curry.  I chose the green curry with bananas. Ivan made red curry with chicken while Jennifer made penang curry.  Next, a few people in the group were making soups.  Ivan made a Tom Yum soup.  I made a soup of Bananas in Coconut Milk,which is apparently a traditional Thai monkey dish. A few people were making Papaya Salad.  Jennifer smashed the ingredients to make a great papaya salad.  It was time to make more dishes.  Ivan made a Stir fry chicken with holy basil.  Jennifer made Chicken and Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce.  I made a Stir Fried chicken with bananas and cashew nuts.  Then, a few people made Morning Glory.  Everybody worked really hard.  The food was placed on the dining table. It was time to eat.  There was so much food.  It tasted great!  It started raining outside. We got our recipe book signed by Ya.  She is filled with great stories. Ivan, Jennifer and I really enjoyed the cooking class.  We got back in the truck and were taken back to the resort. We chilled at the resort.  We were so stuffed from all the food from our class.  We did have a small snack.  We went to sleep shortly after.  Tomorrow, we’d be headed to a new place.  I wondered what adventures we would have there. “



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