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Credit card or cash? When it comes to travelling, it may be better to use a credit card,

Travel safe with credit cards

Travel safe with credit cards

WHEN travelling, it’s often better to carry credit cards instead of cash. This way, if the cards are stolen, you can call and cancel your cards. With stolen cash, you’ll not be able to get it back and will then be stranded without money. Before you leave on your trip, especially to a foreign land, call your credit card company or bank to tell them about your trip and that you’ll be using your card there. Make sure you have ample credit balance. You may also want to inquire about getting a higher credit limit in case of contingencies. Planning ahead will save you a lot of hassle and headaches should you be caught in a situation that requires extra cash when travelling overseas. It may be a good idea to carry more than one credit card.

This is because banks or credit card companies may block a card if they suspect purchases to be fraudulent and it may take a few days to get a card unblocked. Keep you credit card company’s toll free number in your cell phone so that you can call them immediately in an emergency. Never give details of your credit card to anyone, including people who call you to ask for such details. Always check with your credit card company before divulging such information. When making purchases by card, check the amount on the card slip twice before signing as anyone can make a mistake, whether intentionally or by accident. It’s also good to check your billing statement promptly to see if there are “suspicious” charges. If there are, report them immediately. Only allow people to use a machine you recognise on your card and make sure it’s swiped in front of you. There are skimmers that allow people to copy all your card details in seconds. If in doubt, use cash. Keep details of your credit card including the number, security number and date of expiration, somewhere safe and separate from your wallet.


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