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Sprinkle Of The Local Life.

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Unique Success
For years, Thailand has been developing a unique tourism industry with something to offer for everyone. In the ” Land of Smiles ” featuring a modern capital city with countless  attractions  spread out among its provinces. Each province features their own  history, unique culture, cuisine, temples and activities. Many visitors can enjoyed outstanding beaches, islands, delectable Thai food and relaxing massage under the sun, sand and sea.

Life Is Local
With the touristy appearance especially along the Andaman Coast, it is impossible to understand the local Thai people and its hospitality without learning first about its daily lifestyles that contribute into a phenomenal tourist destination.
Try to put money into local people’s hands by spending your money in the local economy. Engaging tours and excursions or services run by locals will educate you and benefit them. The money filters through the local economy and it can provide jobs, food on the table, diversify the local economy and improve the quality and sustainability of tourism.

Intimate corners of Thai Society, produced by Andaman Rising.

Anchored in Faith —- Phil Daquila
The Cost of Hope —- Julie Turkewitz
Diving for Change —- Lillie Elliot
Forging Family —- Erin Debnam
A Good Son Forever —- Abby Metty
I am Storm —- Grace Koerber
Insight —- Stacey Axelrod
My Elephant, My Brother —- Selket Guzman
Raising Burmese —– Eileen Mignoni
Robed in Merit —- Nacho Corbella
The Sabai Life —- Kate Napier
Striking Heritage —- Zach Hoffman
The Asian Tsunami —- Wilson Andrews, Laura Walters and Zach Ferriola-Bruckenstain
Nine Lenses, Nine Lives —- Charissa Lloyd
Preparing for Another —- All Photo/ Video Team

UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication announces the release of  a collection of 15 student-produced multimedia stories about life in southern Thailand after the 2004 Asian tsunami. Presenting a month long foreign reporting assignment in which 14 journalism students traveled to the province of Phang-nga, Thailand to explore some of the most intimate corners of Thai society. Based out of a village next to the Andaman Sea, students used photos, audio, video, graphics and design to craft cultural snapshots of a region that has risen above tragedy. Working with a team of Thai translators, they documented the story of a teenage cross-dresser in a traditional Muslim community, the narrative of an illegal immigrant family from Myanmar, and the spiritual transformation of a young monk.  Congratulations to all the students involved and a special thanks to all the wonderful families in Thailand who generously allowed us a glimpse into their lives.

Click here for their multimedia stories :

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