Big On Bantams

August 18, 2009 by  
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Two men crowing unabashedly about their pets

Although their backgrounds are vastly different, Payung Khipsanguan and Aree Rodsiri share a common interest, and both of them have now undertaken the role of beauty trainer and groomer. Every day, the two 51-year-old men train a group of feathered adolescents that regularly compete in the many annual beauty pageants held almost everywhere at different times of the year. Their efforts and labour of love pay off handsomely as many of their “trained beauty queens” tend to sweep the awards at beauty contest after beauty contest. However, if they fail to beat their competitors, the lovelies do not upset their owners in the least. “My bantams are my pride and joy, and I really and truly love them,” declared Mr Payung. “After I had been keeping bantams for a long while, some of my friends encouraged me to enter my pets in beauty contests, and now I really enjoy doing that because I can see other beautiful bantams and, at the same time, get to know fellow bantam devotees,” added Mr Aree. While Uncle Payung is fascinated by Thai bantams, Uncle Aree has an eye for the foreign breed widely known as kai jae sakol. Both connoisseurs have their own reasons when it comes to their choice of ideal feathered friends. “Thai bantams come in a wide range of colours; there are about 12 shades and tones. Besides, their body is proportionate. On top of that, they look like adorable dolls. When they strut about, they look so cute,” said Mr Payung. “I like the colours black, white and gold, and I can find these three colours in foreign strains.

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