Passenger Ports Around Andaman Sea, Thailand.

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By Ferry, Speed Boat And Long Tail Boat.
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By its geographical location, Krabi is inter connected and linked by a number of well established ports and harbours around the Andaman Sea. Ferry services between hundreds of islands and the mainland is available, from neighbouring Langkawi across to Phuket on the east side. It is convenient and economical to commute from point to point with easy access to overnight accommodation along the way. Discover more places as you further your journey with easy connections. Travel on board saves time, provides comfort and make you feel relax to enjoy the serenading scenic views of the Andaman Sea. Some operators provides air-conditioning area with light refreshment, drinks and free shuttle service between hotels.

Across The Andaman Ferry and Speed Boat Time Schedules at the link below :

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Getting To Krabi

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By Air
Krabi International Airport is easily accessible to tourists from different parts of the world, one can arrange connecting flights within transitional points from the hub cities of Bangkok, Phuket and Kuala Lumpur. For example, one can fly in to Krabi from Singapore or Australia through Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia. Another example, those coming in fromĀ  Singapore, can fly in by Singapore-Bangkok-Krabi or direct flights to Phuket and continue the journey by land or ferry services.

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