Penang, Malaysia – Krabi, Thailand.

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Penang, Malaysia – Krabi, Thailand. November 12th, 1999

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The day I left Penang is when things turned around for me. I jumped on a minibus headed for Krabi, Thailand and on that bus were three travellers from England. One of the three was a young woman, Becky, who was travelling on her own. It took me fumbling with my visa papers at the Malaysia/Thailand border to finally break the ice (two hours into the bus ride) and when we got back on the bus after immigrations, Becky and I came to sit together and chat.

In hindsight, anyone I would’ve talked to at that point would have turned things around for me as I was in such need of connecting with other human beings doing similar things as I was but it turned out to be Becky. We chatted, light and fluffy stuff at first but more in depth as the bus ride passed. I was able to tell her my woeful experience to date and how my expectations were not being realized. She in turn laid my fears to rest by ensuring me that I would indeed have absolutely no problems meeting people. “You’ve met me haven’t you?” She assured me.

Anyhow, so here we were two strangers on a bus learning more about each other in three hours than I do about some people I’ve know for three years. I was finally having an experience that was living up to at least one of my expectations: getting to know someone in a way I would never have the opportunity to back home. I had nothing more in common with this person than being in the same place at the same time doing roughly the same thing. It’s amazing how this combinations opens up interesting conversation. I’ve since had many similar experiences to this and have come to cherish this ‘in transit’ bonding with strangers that turns into quick and in some cases lasting friendships.

Becky and me.

I finally had broken the communications barrier that kept me feeling like I was on the outside looking in. It was a huge step!! Becky and I ended up hanging out quite a bit in Krabi Town. She has no idea how much her being around meant to me! She could have been ‘Attila the Hun’s daughter’ at that point so much was I in need of companionship! Fact is she wasn’t…she was quite attractive and I was in fact attracted to her. The question of romance never came up though as I was still nursing my battered confidence, in no shape to fumble my way through a romantic gesture, rejection would have been devastating.

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