On The Road With Lillen L, Phang Nga, Thailand.

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On The Road With Lillen
L, Phang Nga, Thailand.

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Phanga ngaAfter Line and Chalotte headed off for Bali, I decided that it was time to move on…leave paradise to explore some other parts of Thailand. I met up with Lillan, a nurse from Norway and we decided to travel together. It was now two weeks into my trip and I hadn’t actually travelled with anyone so I was looking forward to it. Lillan and I proved to travel well together and we shared some great experiences: sleeping at a Muslim fishing village built entirely on stilts over the ocean(very cool!!) sleeping in a bamboo hut built on stilts over the jungle(cool!) trekking through leach infested jungle to an idyllic swimming hole(cool except for the leaches!) riding local transport at half the cost of tour booked transport. One leg of our journey the bus broke down and we hitched a ride with a local who happened to be a civil engineer who fed us pork buns and bananas .

Lillan was hilarious. She was so into bargaining and getting deals that whenever she got one that was too good to be true, her eyes would light up and she would grin from ear to ear!! Our excursion lasted three nights and we headed back to Krabi…me to rock climb, Lillan to move on to Ko Phi Phi. Lillen ended up changing her plans and as part of a larger group of people, we hung out until I left for KL the following week. Lillan tried and became fanatical about rock climbing! I feel largely responsible for getting her to try the sport!!

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