Krabi/Phuket 2010 (Part 4)

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Krabi/Phuket 2010 (Part 4) – Krabi Night Market

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This chapter is all about the Krabi night market  in Krabi town, situated about 30 minutes away from Ao Nang beach. To get from Ao Nang area to Krabi town, we took the ‘bus’ (more like a songthaew, or mini truck/tuk-tuk) for 50 baht / RM 5 / USD 1.40  per person. The bus plies the route all around Ao Nang; the main roads, at least. So you can board the bus almost anywhere if you’re walking parallel to the shores of Ao Nang beach. Take note that after 6pm (Thailand time), the rate increases to 60 baht / RM6 / USD1.70 per person automatically.

When the tide is low, you can literally walk on waters …..

The ride was smooth, albeit the journey rather long on the bumpy mini-truck that we were sitting on. But the cooling breeze was all too welcoming, caressing our faces at the speed the bus was zipping past the other vehicles. And at that moment, I knew that This …. Is My Vacation.

Scary looking ogre atop the pillar, ever-ready to throw the traffic lights at ya …….

The Krabi Night Market – Only on weekends, it seems.

A stall selling deep fried pineapple or banana dumplings, with an array of toppings
– milk, chocolate or honey ?

The sweets and the savouries, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re one who adores Street Fares.

A type of snack that is catching on fast with the Muslim communities even here in Malaysia
– Fried bread sticks with coconut/egg  jam (kaya).

Crispy fried chicken salad – spicy, crunchy and appetizing. Kinda took away the guilt.

Wallop all those quail eggs, and watch your cholesterol shoots up the roof ! Btw, we did not. Really.

Fried Ice Cream, even in Thailand ? But with a little twist – The outer layer’s made from bread.

Khao Yam – A most famous southern Thailand (you can also find this in Hat Yai) breakfast made up
of rice mixed with assorted raw vegetables, meat floss and peanuts. Nasi Kerabu or Nasi Ulam
would nicely summed up the experience.

Yup, the Early Bird does get all the Worms. But since the Night Market in Krabi town opens
from evening onwards … can you blame them?

A few hours were sure to be not enough. But we could only managed as much, for the remaining of our days were spent either on the islands surrounding the peninsular (island-hopping, snorkelling, etc), or recuperating at Ao Nang – soaking in the sun, the moon, and of course, the ever-economic option of Thai massage at a fraction of the rate being charged here in Malaysia.

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