Krabi Day Three – Island Safari.

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Krabi Day Three – Island Safari.

Posted By : LiZ in Oz!!

Day 3 was pretty relaxing as well… i didnt get a chance to do my bungee jump again!!! anw day 3 was spent rafting and elephant riding at island safari….

our pix taken after the rafting... no chance to take pix during rafting...

our elephant riding... the tour guide helped us to take a series of pix and charged us $200THB!!! but the thing is that out of 20 pix he took, mebbe only 4 or 5 of them are clear... see below for the "blur" pix....

and besides elephant riding, they have ox-cart as well... and similarly the "driver" offered to take pix for us... this time round, being smarter, we kindly rejected his offer.... no free lunches in the world!!!

and after the rides, there were some elephant shows...

us with the baby elephant... somehow i jus like elephants.... my fav cartoon would be dumbo.... can relate to the big flappy ears?!?!

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