Drive To Krabi – Day 4.

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Destination : Krabi – Island Hopping
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Date : 23rd September 2009

Today is the highlight of our trip – island hopping.  The company will pick us up at 8.30am. Wake up earlier and had our breakfast at the hotel. Since I had a little time to spare, I decided to have a short walk at the beach right in front of the hotel. This is the first time visit Aonang Beach since I arrived 2 days ago.

To be honest, the beach here is not attractive at all and I hope the Island will not disappointing us.

Far on the left hand side is lime stone hill facing the sea.

This is the traditional long tail boat.  There is a dedicated jetty for Island hopping,
but I think there are some private boat offer you to hop on at Aonang beach.

Those are the island that we will visit today.

We arranged the package at an agent ( many of them along Aonang beach commercial area ) after visited a few and comparing prices. Package is more of less the same where you can go for half day 4 island hopping ( Chicken Island, Tub Island, Poda Island and Phranang Island ) half day Hong island or full day Phi Phi Island. Off course there are some others package such as kayaking. Since we have a quite a numbers of children, we took the half day 4 island hopping.  The trip start from 9.00am to 2.oopm.  The 4 island trip is just 15 minutes away from Aonang beach, basically you can see the island from the Aonang beach front.  Phi Phi island is about 45 minutes boat ride from Aonang beach. Please take note that there are 2 types of boat, speed boat and the traditional long tail boat.  Besides the price and speed, I guess it is more on safety reason before you make your decision. During low season, you are bargain hard especially if you have the numbers, we paid 650Baht for adult and 450Baht for children inclusive hotel to jetty transfer, drinks ( mineral water and can drinks) and lunch pack supply.

Everyone waiting for the transport.  Sitting from left, LonelyPlanet,
Jia Yiin, Zheng Ni, Jia Chi, Zheng Hao and Zheng Yuan on the floor.

This is our transport to the jetty.

Arrived at jetty about 15 minutes later.

Boarding the speed boat.

Long tail boat.

9am sharp, we are on our way to our first destination, Tub Island.

The speed boat power by 2 x 225hp engine.

Passing some of the limestone hill along the way.

Here we are arriving at the first island, Tub Island. Basically Tub island is just next to
Chicken island where you can walk across the shallow sea at adult waist height.

The background is Chicken island, you can people are walking towards it.

We spend about an hour here enjoying the beach then we move on to our snorkeling spot.

Passing by Chicken island and now you know why they call it Chicken Island
because there is one hill on the island sticking out just like chicken head.

5 minutes later, we arrived at our snorkeling area.  All the gears are included in the tour package.

For those who are first timer, it is really excited.  You can hear the kids shouting and screaming while chasing the fish.  Some are not use to the snorkeling kits and it took them a while to get use to the breathing technique. For those who had been snorkeling trip to Tioman, Redang and Perhentian, this place is nothing compare to our island in Malaysia.  Later I found out from Car 8 that snorkeling in Phi Phi land is much more excited. So for those of you looking for snorkeling fun, please take the Phi Phi island full day tour.

We spend about 45 minutes snorkeling ( rather short ), we head to Poda island for lunch.

The island had a white sandy beach and crystal clear water.

This island was badly hit by Tsunami in 2004.
It has since been rebuilt with clear signboard indication the safe zone of the island.

After lunch, relax at the beach.  There are quite a numbers of wooden hut where you can sit down and relax at the island. We spend about an hour at Poda island and head to another destination, Phra Nang Island.

According to the tour guide, long long time ago, there is a princess from Indian travel to this island and settle down here.  She has some black magic that can make your dreams come true. Once your dream fulfill, you must come back to reward her by presenting her either flower  or the wooden craft penis.  Why flower or penis ? The answer from the tour guide is – she is a lady. I let your own imagination to interpret it.

Right beside the Phra Nang Cave, a beach where you can relax and enjoy the wave.
45 minutes later, we are left this place and head back to Aonang. Thats conclude our island hopping trip.

Back to hotel at about 3pm, the pool is the best place to cool us down after a few hours under the hot sun.

At night, I baby sit the kids to Burger King at Aonang Beach.  This is the most expensive burger king that I had visited.  The Whooper burger set here cost 225Baht, almost double the price in Malaysia.  Anyway, everyone enjoy the food especially some non-halal pork burger.  After dinner, continue shopping and massage. Tomorrow, we will be back to HatYai.

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