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Prehistoric man inhabited the caves of Krabi some 27,000 to 37,000 years ago. This belief is based on the evidence of a collection of artifacts discovered in the dust of Krabi’s local caves and coastal cliffs. A fertile land, Krabi was destined to be, over the course of time, a sea port, an international trade centre, a treasure trove for fortune seekers, a shelter from the wind and waves for sea vessels, and, finally, a place where cultures and civilization could exchange and blend.

Today, the physical geography of Krabi offers its many visitors from around the world a wide range of natural resources. Lush jungles – green year round – capture the essence of a tropical rainforest. From the West coast to the province’s Eastern borders, crisp, gray formations of limestone attract the attention of adventure lovers with grottos, caves and steep cliffs. Offshore, the secluded beaches of many beautiful islands, surrounded by clear waters with brightly colored reef fish, appeal to the romatic explorer in each and every one of us. The gentle sea breezes of the Andaman Sea – sometimes cool, at other times warm – can bring you a special kind of welcome to this spectacular destination. Man’s continual wanderlust was motivated in the past by the reward of discovering more valuable land. More important still, he needed to open new markets and trade. These days, however, many people travel in search of quietness for relaxing, away from the cities and crowds, and to broaden their minds by learning how different people live. Fortunately, the ease and convenience of travelling conditions, when compared to the past, has dramatically improved. The success of modern day travel networks and the richness of natural resources are the two key factors, which, when co-incidentally combined, make Krabi a modern paradise of the Andaman Sea – in short, a travelers’ and tourist destination. It is now not surprising to fine yourself waking up to enjoy the early morning tropical sun one day, and end the same day closing your front door to the harsh winter conditions back home, thanks to the miracle of modern day travel.

Source : Krabi Tourism Association

Am here again! An intro to Krabi!

dsc00018dsc00108dsc00109dsc00117dsc00158Saw that beautiful picture? Cool isn’t it. That was taken when i went to Krabi. Whenever i’m in a bad mood, i just have to look at that picture and i feel so good. The place was so serene and tranquil. When i relish every moment of my stay there, i wish i can go back to Krabi, Thailand. Yes you are right, That’s me. I know you can’t see me clearly. That’s not the point here. Look beyond me. You’ll see the beautiful Krabi beaches. I was playing swing in the beach. Can you believe that?I enjoyed myself thoroughly. All these happened only months ago but i feel as if it’s been ages. That school of fish, they were simply too gorgeous. To tell you the truth, i was very afraid of snorkeling initially (as i’m unable to swim) and i just decided to stay in the boat. After a while i became motion sick in the boat as it was constantly swaying even though it was stationary in the water. I decided that either way i was going to be sick so put on a life jacket and went inside the water.I never regretted it. The school of fish and the beautiful corals. Never knew that mother nature had such hidden beauty in her. i was totally awed and amazed. It was such a breath taking sight. So cool! If you have an opportunity, do try snorkeling. It’s an experience. Think i’ve said enough. I have to go now. See you soon 🙂

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