Ao Pranang (Pranang Cave Beach)

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Phranang Cave Beach

Like Railay, the beach of Pranang can only be reached by boat, and is similarly popular for swimming and rock climbing. Pranang Cave, which often lends its name to the beach, is a small but memorable cave, shrouded in mythology and mystery. The stalactites and stalagmites are one outstanding feature. Ao Pranang is a beautiful, 600 m long beach, blessed with pure, white sands. It is quite a hot spot, and is sure not to disappoint sun lovers.

Source : Krabi Tourism Association

Honeymoon – 2nd Day in Krabi – 22nd Aug’07

Yes, with his heavily-bandaged foot, we literally hopped around the island. LOL. We were brought to the Pranang Cave , where according to Thai mythology, during the time of Alexander the Great, a royal ship, carrying an Indian princess named Srikulatavee, sank offshore. The cave is supposedly where her soul dwells, since it was never properly laid to rest.

Inside the cave there is a shrine to the spirit of Srikulatavee, where fisherman place offerings in request for a plentiful catch. But all we saw in the caves were full of wooden…errr….D**Ks. It was certainly an eye-opener where you see many varieties and sizes of those “things” and they actually pay respects to those! Hmmm…..*raise eyebrow*

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October 4, 2007

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