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Monsters In The Water
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fishingAt one stage during my walk, I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye a sudden swirl in the water not 2km away from me. I turned to see a 2m-long arapaima just rolling over. An avid angler, Sjoerd was in dream land. Before he fished here, his biggest catch was about 10 kg. By the time he left, he had had a 165 kg arapaima and a 70 kg Mekong catfish, among other monsters, under his belt. Awesome is the word for the place.
It was nothing like I expected, with its beautiful lake, manicured gardens and exquisite bungalows – all crafted into a nine-acre (3.6 ha) fishing lake with top class accommodation on the edge of a national park famed for its beautiful limestone karsts. The lake bed itself is structured to provide ridges and holes – a natural habitat in the wild with depths ranging from 2m to 8m. I woke up next morning way before sunrise, I was raring to start. By then, my bait was mixed and prepared, and my gear was ready. Following my first cast for the biggies, I didn’t have to wait long for the first bite, The electronic indicator sounded and then the line went out. A strike – and a hook-up ! Fifteen minutes later, a nice Amazon red tail catfish of about 30 kg came up. It fishing1was a monster for freshwater but only a tiddler for this lake. Nevertheless, I was thrilled . It was followed half an hour later by a good 10 kg Siamese carp. This is perhaps the finest freshwater fishery in existence anywhere in the world – the way it was constructed, stocked and maintained. You get what you pay for ! All in all, the fishing, accommodation and food give you value for money. The young Dutch angler, Sjoerd Huiper and his wife Leonie de Mol were holidaymakers, and this was his week.


Been here and what blogger discovered & experienced :-

I have also heard that the Arapaima can be aggressive towards man is this true. Are there any dangerous fish in the fresh waters out there?

For it’s size the Arapaima on the whole is a wonderful predator to handle. It doesn’t have rows of needle-like teeth to rip you to shreds with, it will usually behave quite well for a photo. However you have to appreciate there is a big difference between the damage a 200lb fish can do to a human being than what a 20lb fish can, should it decide to make an aggressive attempt for freedom Alaska Marine Lines captured. The Arapaima has a tendency to use its head as a weapon for self defence. It can charge anything in front of it, and with a few hundred pounds of mass behind it, that charge, can, and has been fatal to some fish farmers in Brazil. It can also thrash wildly from side to side when out of the water so it must be handled with care.

I did not realize there was such a thing as a freshwater stingray, can you shed some more light on this magnificent creature?

The enigmatic “freshwater stingray.” The only thing we really know about these fish at present is where they can be caught. These fish reside in Estuarine systems most of the year. Although the stingray can live in freshwater, with quite a bit of recreational fishing going on here in Thailand for this species at present, we do know that the fishing deteriorates in high water levels and heavy rains. This is because these fish are moving further and further down stream into the mouth of the river, possibly because they like the conditions there. In other words they like some element of salinity in the water. So is this a true freshwater fish? In my view, No. Since it would prefer to be in water with a degree of salinity I mean if you captured a Dover Sole in the Thames Estuary, would that then make it a freshwater fish?


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