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Today I will guide you to Trang beautiful beaches which are tens of kilometers long. Trang is situated along the Andaman Sea. In this province, you will find lots of beautiful islands and many fountains that will take your breath away.

My journey begins in the afternoon when there is not much traffic. I use the Petchkrasem road, driving through Petchburi and Pranburi province and heading for Chumpon. The total distance from Bangkok to Trang is around 900 kilometers. Tonight we will sleep at Amari Trang Beach Resort, the only 5 stars hotel in this province, is situated on Jao Mai Beach.

Next morning, I awake with the beautiful scene before me. From the balcony, I can see Jao Mai River with white sand hillock and line of pine trees. Moreover, I can see the Pak Meng Beach which looks similar to a horse- shoe. To the left, there are many islands such as Koh Ngai, Koh Choek, Koh Ma and Koh Waen.

Tourists usually take a long-shafted motor boat from Jao Mai river and start their adventure of the day to the beautiful islands in the sea. The uniqueness of Trang’s beach is the lines of pine trees grown there.

Today our journey begins with Pak Meng Beach. Here, there is a big wharf  that can hold tens of boats. Along the beach, on the left there are many restaurants and on the right you can either hide yourself under the shade of the pine trees or under big colorful sunshades. Next to them is the long stretch of the beach which uniquely composed of various kinds of grayish red colored seashells.

Jao Mai National Park is located at the end of the Jao Mai Beach. At the front of the park is Koh Muk where there are villages and newly opened resorts. We, then, drive along the coast from the National Park. Along the way to Yao Beach, we have passed the green scenery of rubber plantation and palm trees plantation. We have driven according to the sign on the sideway. It says that on the right, there is a Kuan Tung Koo wharf  where the locals board their boats to go to Koh Muk. Then, we stopped at Yong Ling, a small but million-dollar view beach with crystal clear water that we just couldn’t resist swimming and taking pictures. Here, I brought my kayak boat for a swing or two to see the mountain which also homed to a small beach hidden inside.

We hit the road again from Yong Ling Beach to Yao Beach. Yao Beach is intervened by Trang River. At this point, there is also a wharf and at its front is Koh Libong, which is homed to Manatees. There are also small fishermen villages there with many beautiful boats for us to take a picture with.

I have heard that Pak Meng Beach and Chang Lang River is the most beautiful spot to see sunset but I chose Pak Meng Beach because there are hills and rows of boats as the background.

We end our incredible day with watching sunset and taking tons of pictures. I would recommend you to have a day to go along the Trang’s beaches before cross over to islands. You will see that a small paradise is situated right here in the mainland along Trang coastal line.

Thanyathon Pluemmanus, Arts Chula.

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