Ao Nang Beach

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Ao Nang Beach
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Ao Nang Beach is the collective name for a group of bays, incorporating Ao Nang, Tonsai Beach, West Railay Beach, Phra Nang Beach, Phranang Cave, Laem Nang and East Railay Beach. Ao Nang’s limestone pinnacles physically define the borders of each beach, whose only access is by boat. The name Ao Phranang seems to have its origins in the villagers’ faith and belief in a sacred ‘Pra Nang’ (princess spirit) who protects the fishermen. The first impression travelers have on arrival is, if not the dramatic backdrop of the sheer limestone cliffs, the closeness of the islands in the bay. These islands have various rock formations, taking the shapes of a chicken’s head, a junk respectively. Local taxi boats are readily available to let you explore these attractions at a moment’s notice. Barely 50 m off the main beach of Ao Nang is a concentration of shops, travel agents, bars, restaurants, accommodation and other facilities.  Its wealth of conveniences and rapid development have put Ao Nang into the spotlight as the tourist center of Krabi mainland. Like all international resorts, there is  a buzz of excitement, with the feeling that there’s something happening 24 hours a day.
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