Krabi Tesco Lotus

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On 31 August 2007, Tesco Lotus opened its door in Krabi with jam packed traffic stretching down to Talaat Kao way past Tiger Cave junction. At that time, the local people has not experienced local shopping sensation  like this before. Established in 1998, Tesco Lotus is a hypermarket chain in Thailand. Tesco Lotus stores stock groceries (western and local products) as well as a selection of stationery, school supplies, clothing, shoes, electrical equipment and many other non-food products at very competitive prices that the small 7-Eleven, family-based and similar small traditional provision shop cannot match. They also contain a bakery as well as a chemist or druggist section. Temperatures are kept at a relatively cool 27C. The stores are often set in Malls and have food courts and many other shops such as AllZ, Body Glove, Top Charoen, Black Canyon Coffee, MK, KFC, Dairy Queen , electronic, jewellery vendors  and several local banks as well as a large car park buit in. For leisure time, there is also a Major Multiplex cinema showing Thai movies and often with English subtitles. Read more