Krabi Rainforest Day Tour

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Hot Spring, Krabi

Learn and discover the amazing natural wonders of the rainforest santuary in Krabi. Along the jungle tracks to the hotspring, watch out for the tall swaying bamboo trees that grows among other plants with their built-in defense systems; observe closely their big sharp thorns that protect themselves from danger. Species of insects, spiders, birds, flowers, rattan creepers and hermit mountain crabs can be found here. This place is rich in tropical  fora and fauna. Here one can observe the intricacy growth of the climbing rattan or the  marching black jungle ants among the pitcher plants growing under the forest canopy shade.
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Krabi Trip Day 3 – In Malay Language.

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Krabi Trip Day 3

Posted By : Juliana Juelee

Lambat betol la hai nak bt sambungan entri nie.. HAHAHA maklumlah mood blogger tegar cam dulu takde lagi, kekadang dah penat masak, nak lipat baju sume, terus lah tido.. Kat opis memang harapan aje la nak update blog nie…

Kami bergambar reramai di pagi hari… Cam bese la pagi2 ni carik bekpes la….

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3rd day trip – Jungle Trekking

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3rd Day Trip – Jungle Trekking.

Posted By : kspay

Again~ International buffer breakfast before our today activity ^^  1 hour elephant trekking. Of course, we not riding by our own. Every elephant has 1 trainer following us. The trainer is actually sitting on their head, and tourist sit on the tighten seat. Is not enjoyable as I thought, as elephant is walking slow and it is actually very swaying while they are moving. Somemore has nothing to do other than talking and taking photo. Anyway is a experience to sit on elephant ^^ We also have photo section and elephant feeding after back to their “base”. But we didnt feed them, cos we have to pay them for banana and feed their elephant… … No way!

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Krabi Jacuzzi Spa In The Jungle.

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Krabi Hot Spring Khlong Thom – Jacuzzi Spa In Nature

Posted By : Wilson and Rachel

This is gem. Even Rachel has never seen these pictures before. My first ever trip to Krabi in 2003 with my colleagues and friends. Not much people know about this Krabi Hot Spring. In fact, the guide who brought us there only went there once with us. We traveled by bus back then from Kuala Lumpur to Trang and back to Krabi, Hadyai and back to Kuala Lumpur. We went to the hot spring while we were in Krabi.

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Krabi Rainforest

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Krabi Rainforest

Covers approximately 9 per cent of the total land area – which is mostly established in the form of a national park and wildlife sanctuary. A guided visit to these conservation areas can be easily arranged.

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Activity with Airport Transfer

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Start Your Holiday With A Peace Of Mind.

package-ab-01It’s easy and no time wasting. A taxi or mini van services can be organized on your arrival. Driver will be instructed to pick you up for the personalised welcome. Kick off your holiday upon touch-down. Sample and savour local delicacies for a quick lunch ( your own expense ) at the nearby shopping mall or restaurant to pack up your energy. Our driver will accompany you on your selected activities and then sent you back to the hotel, where you intend to stay or you can book your accommodation from this website.
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