Beneath The Veneer Of Tourism.

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Sprinkle Of The Local Life.

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Unique Success
For years, Thailand has been developing a unique tourism industry with something to offer for everyone. In the ” Land of Smiles ” featuring a modern capital city with countless  attractions  spread out among its provinces. Each province features their own  history, unique culture, cuisine, temples and activities. Many visitors can enjoyed outstanding beaches, islands, delectable Thai food and relaxing massage under the sun, sand and sea.

Life Is Local
With the touristy appearance especially along the Andaman Coast, it is impossible to understand the local Thai people and its hospitality without learning first about its daily lifestyles that contribute into a phenomenal tourist destination.
Try to put money into local people’s hands by spending your money in the local economy. Engaging tours and excursions or services run by locals will educate you and benefit them. The money filters through the local economy and it can provide jobs, food on the table, diversify the local economy and improve the quality and sustainability of tourism.
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The Banana And Its Many Uses

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Over the years Thais have developed many other useful purposes for different parts of the banana tree.

One choice gift that Mother Nature has created for us is the banana. What the true value of this gift has for us depends, however, on the ways we can find the most uses for it. There are many kinds of bananas in Thailand, with various types flourishing in different environmental conditions. There are wild bananas that prefer narrow valleys in the mountains. These are not widely eaten because the fruit is full of hard seeds, but the leaves are useful. The kluay lep mue nang are a kind of wild banana that grows in rocky crevices where the soil covering is not thick. The fruit are small but compensate for it with their fine fragrance and sweetness, plus they don’t have seeds. The province where they are most common is in Chumphon. Kluay khai, or “egg bananas”, grow best where the temperature is somewhat hot, like in Kamphaeng Phet, for example. They are small and short with a flavour all in their own. Kluay hom grow best in the Central region.

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Balls of life revive ailing eco-systems

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Folk wisdom is giving Chumphon residents a novel way to help the environment, and increase the diversity of aquatic life in the rivers and sea

Ancient seafolk wisdom is being used to help restore the richness of Thai marine and river life. Balls the size of a human fist are thought to hold the secret to reviving the damaged eco-systems of both the rivers and the seas. Earlier this month, hundreds of people in Chumphon who live along the Phato River that empties into the sea came together to form the so-called “From Mountains to the Great Waters Network”. The network works on the preservation of the rivers and the sea through emulation of the ancient practice of feeding at the bottom of the food chain. .

In the old days, people would cut tree twigs, submerge them in the river and let them decay. The decayed twigs create humus which becomes food for microbes. Microbes, in turn, become a food source for the plankton in the sea. As plankton are regarded as the starting point of the food chain, the higher their concentration, the bigger contribution they can subsequently make to growth in the population of clams, oysters, sea cucumbers and fish which feed on them.

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Harvest From The Sea

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Jellyfish are considered a delicacy in Asian countries, a popular food item for the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian and not forgetting the Thais. With  careful preparation, it can be served raw or cooked. After harvesting from the sea, processing involves salting and drying for a number of days, before being serve as a main or side ingredients in popular Asian food dishes such as the Japanese sushi and Malaysian rojak. Shredded jellyfish is serve as a favourite cold dish during a Chinese wedding party.

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