Paradise Found!! – Koh Lanta, Thailand.

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Paradise Found!! –  Koh Lanta, Thailand.

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Koh Lanta Dusk Volleyball

Volleyball started that night, games were impromptu, starting at about 6 pm and lasting till the sun set. The staff as well as guests would play. It was in this way that I got to know the staff and some of the guests and I got over feeling totally conspicuous being the only lone traveller. The volleyball was great!!! One of the biggest things I missed from back home was beach volleyball and here I was on an awesome beach playing volleyball !! Through volleyball I met most of the staff: Yat, Pie, Lomak, Bon, Red, Noi, Maud, Dip who treated me very well during my stay, teaching me basic Thai and then forcing me practice by speaking only Thai to me! It was hilarious at times and frustrating at others.
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