Krabi ATV.

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Krabi ATV Ride : Thrills on 4 wheels

Krabi ATV Ride
The ATV certified and enthusiastic instructor for the day was Mr. Prompong Janjaem or in short, Pong. The wild and exciting scenery of the ATV base camp is located in the beautiful nature of Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Phang Nga Province – just a short drive from the Krabi Province. The group joining the expedition consisted of a diverse group of people from Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and Thailand. The transfer from the Rafting base camp, where we had just finished a thrilling 5 km rafting experience, to the ATV base camp for the second part of the tour – riding an All Terrain Vehicle or Quad – took few minutes. Upon reaching the pick up point the ATV staff members were already waiting for us under aggressive rain… We were explained the basic theory of ATV riding by Pong: one needed to pull and push the steering; going uphill one had to lean forward and downhill backward; in a curve one had to tighten the knees around the vehicle’s main body and lean on to the curving direction, right for right and left for left; the use of the gears, on the contrary of other motor-vehicles, was by pushing the foot gear pedal up; the brakes one on the right foot level and the other one on the right hand level of the steer; The accelerator consisted of a thumb throttle instead of the typical motorcycle twist grip; the automatic start button was situated on the right hand and needed to be pressed together with one of the brakes; safety measures included wearing helmet, using extreme common sense and caution and of course, a group of watchful assistant instructors. The squad started the march heading out to the first ATV training circuit, where we would have the chance to warm up our newly learned skills. I, despite the heavy rain and a muddy terrain, had swiftly decided to take along my SLR camera ready for some photographic action. To an onlooker the view of fifteen heavy and roaring quads parading in rough weather and wild surroundings could have easily been mistaken for an USA platoon on a mission of some kind. The 400 cc quads painted in a desert camouflage style and the centaurs wearing helmets and outdoor clothing – perhaps – reinforced this picture.

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