Off On A Tangent (Side Stories On The Road)

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Off On A Tangent (Side Stories On The Road)

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Koh Lanta

It was my first night as an independent traveller. I had made it to Penang, proud of myself for figuring out the logistics of getting there from KL…and getting there cheaply. I searched the streets of Penang for a hostel mentioned in the Lonely Planet and booked myself in. All in all a good day. Did some exploring during the day and then returned to my room to settle in for the night. It was midnight, I was still reading a great novel I had picked up at the airport Street Lawyer I believe it was or some other Grisham novel about lawyers anyhow I was heavily into it when I noticed a little orange coloured bug scurry across the page. I flicked it away and thought nothing of it.

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