The Southeast Asian Sailors Bible

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If you’re travelling around the region by boat, there’s one publication that you must have.

In the past 20 years Thailand has become the boating capital of Asia, with both locals and foreigners taking to the sea in large numbers. Some prefer to sail yachts and enter the many annual regattas held in Thailand, while others prefer a boat with a motor and go cruising along the coastlines or weave their way through the country’s many small islands. One thing both groups have in common – apart from being surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world – is the need for a comprehensive guide book. They need to know where it’s too shallow to go, where to drop anchor for the night, where to get fuel, food and water, and most importantly, where there are reefs or rocks that will send their boats down to Davy Jones’ locker if they’re not careful.

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