Trip To Krabi With My Latest Baby – Part Two.

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Trip to Krabi with my latest baby – the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (Part 2)

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So here’s a continuation of Part 1 – my recent trip to Krabi, Thailand where I put my latest baby, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro to the test! I’m trying out something new, no modification of pics or vids whatsoever – just straight from the phone – resized for web use and that’s it! So all pics & vids in this blog were taken using the phone alone… no MSG added :P

We went BIKING! YEeha!
If it was just bicycles, it wouldn’t be something to shout about BUT it was a motorbike! I’ve gone on one of these things once but with Stella, I was a little apprehensive… you know, her safety… and plus when you’ve got 2 people on a bike, it can be a little heavier – I had so many worries – from us falling to us not being able to stop… but heck… we rented one for 25 ringgit a day!

Our beautiful green thing – I shall call it Moly from now on. So we rode Moly along the streets of Krabi –
nothing further than the main stretch – so I think I was going in circles – in that 2-3km beach front area?

Our special maneuver
For safety sake, we had to think of a way to stop the bike or balance the bike in case I fail to control it. So we created what we call the ‘landing gear’. Whenever we needed to stop, I’d shout “LANDING GEARSSSSS!!!!” and both of us would extend our legs to the sides of the bike in mid air and gradually bring it down to give us “landing gears”… this proved to help ALOT :)

We went for Thai cooking lessons baby!
So apart from our amazing 2-3km riding escapade, we also checked out Thai cooking! There are a few in Krabi but I chose Smart Cook because they’ve been rated as one of the best on TripAdvisor – so we paid about RM 120 each and off we went!

At 9am, a car came by our hotel, picked us up and we were on our way to the cooking school about 5 mins away. We arrived, picked 6 dishes to cook each, wore our apron and the cooking began.

We had to prepare our ingredients, cut them, chop them, mince them

and then we cooked up a feast… All our favourite dishes were cooked,
green curry chicken, pad thai, kerabu mango thai style, tom yam gung,
thai seafood salad, mango sticky rice and loads loads more…

embedded by Embedded Video

I even recorded a video – check it… (this is for the initial preparation of Pad Thai)

We ate EVERYTHING we cooked… that was a requirement… we were filled to the CORE! I’m pleased to say, I can now make a meannnn green curry chicken & tom yam gung! Seriously, it was worth every cent spent. The dishes tasted extremely authentic and it wasn’t difficult at all (apart from the green curry paste making bit). Oh yeah, and they clean up after you – so if you HATE washing, this is AWESOME :)

Random shots…

The rest of the time? Since it was rainy season, I was stuck in this cafe a few times…

They had complimentary wifi so there’s where I used the wifi on the phone and tweeted
for the first time in days… we also checked out the surrounding mountains…

Had more thai food…

Checked out the Tsunami Emergency Tower

Took random pictures of things – like this, serviettes in the form of a flower… how nice…

and had loads and loads of cheap massages – they were like RM 30 for an entire hour!
One even served me BLUE WATER… it was pandan flavoured… apparently it was from a blue flower…

In short, I came out of the trip feeling like a very well fed, massaged jelly fish. Oh yeah and as for the X10 Mini Pro baby? It lived up to its name! It was mighty… amazing camera – I brought along a stand-alone camera but never used it, wifi, gps coordinates locked down for every picture taken, took some pretty great videos, battery life was amazing for such a small device – lasted 2 full days as I disabled data but did a whole lot of video & picture taking… I love my new baby… :P

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