Trip To Krabi With My Latest Baby – Part One.

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Trip to Krabi with my latest baby – the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (Part 1)

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I love putting gadgets to the test. This time around, it’s the one phone I got right before I went on a break – the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro. If you missed out my first ever unboxing video featuring this ‘little mighty baby’

All shots and videos taken in this blog were untouched and taken straight from the phone!

8th August 2010 – we were on our wayyy… Kop Kun Kah land, here we come!
Flight was delayed by 1/2 hour – would have cashed in on that if I bought travel insurance… tsk tsk tsk.. but it was fine – we weren’t in a rush, more time for Stella to do some duty free shopping :) We ended up buying some ‘Champagne Chocolates’ from Switzerland… (checkout the macro shot mode using the new baby!!!)

Fancy fancy…

Stella and I before the plane took off…

So the plane took off… and we treated ourselves with the newly bought chocolates…
oh yes, we were kiasu as well coz there was this passenger who coughed non-stop…
as a safety precaution… this is how we looked like…

Then it was MEAL TIME! :) The long awaited infamous Nasi Lemak…

3 top tips when flying ‘budget’

  • Always prebook your meals… they are cheaper than buying onboard and you’re guaranteed a meal… if you’re unlucky you might end up with someone with a HUGE appetite treating the aircraft as a buffet spread and leave you with nothing
  • Always prepurchase baggage allowance – most flight tickets on ‘budget’ airlines don’t come with baggage allowance – often cheaper when prepurchased before flying
  • If you want nicer seats, get the ones at the emergency exit – if my kiasu calculations are right, they are about 20% roomier – it’s well worth the RM 25 ‘seat-selection’ fee

1 1/2 hours later…

We arrived! YAY! Captain announced… landed at the Krabi International Airport and first thing we did? More indulgence… ice-cream baby!

Brought the ice-cream into the pre-arranged shuttle van to our hotel
(van was dark, good thing the phone’s camera flash was bright enough :P )…
20 mins into the ride and there it was… our beautiful hotel, our nest,
our love nest, our whatever you wanna call it… the Ananta Burin Resort, Krabi…

Our room came with pool access… it’s like a mini private swimming pool –
although it’s connected to the main pool, there’s a little divider in between
the room pools and main pool – gives us that bit of privacy which is NICE :)

Dinner on the 1st night…
Thai food was great but the view really added a completely different feel to the dining experience
… views that money can’t buy… this is mother nature… Still can’t believe
these pictures were taken by a phone!

Thai lady who spoke in Bahasa Malaysia?
On the way back from dinner, we dropped by one of those famous pancake stalls… it’s basically roti canai
wrapped in all sorts of condiments, fruits, goodies… from bananas to mangoes and such…

To us, the highlight wasn’t the food but this lady who got REALLY excited after finding out both Stella
and I came from Malaysia – she started speaking in Bahasa Malaysia…

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Part 2 – Journey continues… with my X10 Mini Pro :)
Our first biking experience together and thai cooking lessons next!

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