Back to Krabi! Krabi – Thailand.

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Back to Krabi! Krabi – Thailand.

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Jungle Trip In Phanga-nga.

Back in Krabi…time to climb!!! You can’t actually climb in Krabi but you take a 45 minute “long tail” ride to Railay Beach and you are in the premier climbing spot of Thailand. All I needed was a climbing partner! Luckily I ran into Jordan and Denise, a cool Canadian couple I met on the Fishing Village excursion. Jordan introduced me to Patrick, an Australian commercial fisherman and I had my climbing partner, who eventually was to witness one of the scariest moments of my existence!!!

To make a long story short (was that an audible sigh of relief?) I thought that things could not get better than my time at Nice Beach…but they did!!!

I think I’ve found my sport!! I have definitely found my sport. The first day climbing actually was quite frustrating as Patrick, although a good climber was not that experienced and didn’t inspire confidence. I also didn’t trust the rope we were using and some yahoo told us that the bolts we were trusting our lives with could bust at any moment!! Needless to say I was distracted!

The second day went much better, we rented gear and headed off for a great day of climbing. Patrick brought along Paul a really cool guy from Vancouver who has been climbing for 10 years and I teamed up with Dave, a former ski bum from Sun Valley Idaho. Got some awesome climbs in and in fact lead my first climb ever!!! It was exhilarating!!! I eventually lead about 7 or 8 climbs over the next couple of days but the first couple were the biggest thrill. My second lead was something called the Groove Tube, which is by far the coolest climb I’ve done.

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