Ao Nang – Krabi Trip 1st Day

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Ao Nang – Krabi Trip 1st Day.

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28 Aug ~ 1 Sep 2010,
5 days 4 nights trip to Thailand,
Krabi with Hsing ^^

Hsing pay for the resort and airfare, I only pay for the expenses in Krabi. (Thought will not spend much there… … but at the end still spent over RM1k =.=”) Thank you Wei Kow for fetching us to Changi Airport 🙂 3am, we departed to Wei Kow’s house, 3:40am we headed to Changi Airport as we needed to check in at 4:40am. But… … the flight was delayed!!! from the initial time of 6.40am to 7:35am =.=”

Plenty of time but nothing to do in Changi budget terminal, luckily there is McD for our breakfast =.=” After almost 1.5hrs flying time, here we are, the Krabi in Thailand. Forgot to take picture of our pick up car. Peace Laguna prepared a luxury MPV to fetch us from airport to resort, not sure what car was that, the size is similar to Alphard. Spending another 30min, finally we reached our resort at Ao Nang. People here is really really nice and very polite.

Photos of our resort room which we spent 4 nights ^^ Nice and spacious

There is another outdoor bath shower, just besides the bathroom. We did not use it, as there is no hot water from this shower and … … full of algae on the water outflow hole … … =.=”  Time to go out for some breakfast and travel agent searching.

Another photo on “Peace Laguna Resort” before departing ^^

1st day breakfast and 1st meal in AoNang. Is was not easy to find nice Thai food in Ao Nang. There are more Italiana food than local Thai food, believe this is to cater to European tourists’ taste. We have our breakfast in a restaurant serving both Italiana and local Thai food. We ordered Pad Thai, Tomyam soup and Thai fried rice. (they served the nicest pad thai I tried from this whole trip, but the fried rice was tastless =.=”)  We only spent little time searching for travel agent for our next few days activities. Actually they have plenty of travel agents on the street, just that we were lazy enquiring so many. As time was still early, we decided heading to the “big” shopping mall along the airport road, Tesco and Big C to buy …. …. Wacoal =.=” … … bra

The transport charges here is terrible. The charges are super expensive when they know we are tourist. How do they know? As long as you can’t speak Thai … …  According to the Resort receptionist, we can take public transport to Tesco with only 60baht each. At the end, we spent 300baht for 2!!! The picture on the left is their commonly use public transport. It is even terrible when we returned from Big C (which is around 1km shorter distance than Tesco). We paid 400baht for 2 for a private car back. Same as hiring a taxi (they indicated the taxi fare on charges board, which I believe this rate is only applied for tourist!!!)

The meal we took in Big C. Papaya salad and Pad Thai. The papaya salad is really nice!!! Just too spicy >.<  Oops, forgot to mention, we actually fail to find Wacoal in both the Tesco and Big C. But Hsing did bring back 2 sets of Wacoal ^^ (We found them in the Outlet Village which is near to Big C).  This is the dry bag I bought in Ao Nang. Cost me 450baht after some bargaining. This will be useful for our upcoming island hopping ^^

Dinner time. Fish, tom yam soup and salad at the Wannai Restaurant. The steam fish with lemon juice was nice, but the fish taste like over-cooked lolz.
Ok, time to rest… for tomorrow trip. Phi Phi Island ^^

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