3rd day trip – Jungle Trekking

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3rd Day Trip – Jungle Trekking.

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Again~ International buffer breakfast before our today activity ^^  1 hour elephant trekking. Of course, we not riding by our own. Every elephant has 1 trainer following us. The trainer is actually sitting on their head, and tourist sit on the tighten seat. Is not enjoyable as I thought, as elephant is walking slow and it is actually very swaying while they are moving. Somemore has nothing to do other than talking and taking photo. Anyway is a experience to sit on elephant ^^ We also have photo section and elephant feeding after back to their “base”. But we didnt feed them, cos we have to pay them for banana and feed their elephant… … No way!

It is hardly to see it. But on top of this mountain, there is actually a temple and huge figure of Buddha. This is where our next destination. 1237 staircase to top of mountain >.<”  Here we are! Finally we have reach 1237 steps high! Is hot and tired, but … … achievement!!!  This is the giant Buddha on top of the mountain. At first, I thought there has a big temple and lots of monk or nun here. I was wrong. Here only have some Buddha figure and only 2~3 people here. Maybe they should expand or upgrade it =.=”.

Lunch time. We have our lunch at a fishing pond. Mm… nothing special to recall here. Food also not nice.

Hot Spring Waterfall. This place is amazing. When the tour guide said the temperature is around 30++ degree, I still thought is only so so, cos 30++ is just like our normal whether lo. But when I go into it… … this is HOT!!!  Tour guide said, for safety
reason, each person cannot be inside more than 30mins. I cannot stand even 5mins…. … =.=” so hot…  Emerald pool. As its name, emerald color. The yellow color rock surround the pool is very slippery. Hsing slip down and hit her ass @.@  Mm… also not very beautiful as
what I thought. Maybe the internet has describe till too good. The higher expectation, the more disappointment  It might be shiok for those who like to jacuzzi or sauna ^^!!  Dinner time, we have our best food in Ao Nang. Not only nice, but also cheap. 280baht for all
of these. Tom yam soup, BBQ corn with butter n salt, pad thai (this not so nice), BBQ chicken & Papaya salad (this the best ^^) Where is this stall? Very near to us, walk out from Peace Laguna Resort, turn right, then within 100m can see ^^ It only starts evening.
There is another stall just next to them also lot of customers, might be nice as well although we didnt try.  Next day trip. 4 island. This is complimentary with our resort ASEAN package. We actually planing to go Hong island instead of this, while we totally forgetting
about this free trip. Since now we have a free trip, save up the Hong island money ^^
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