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If it is environment awareness and adventure that attracts you in scuba diving, than look no further than Krabi and its surrounding off shore islands. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the underwater neptune world and the attractive topographical features above the water.

A great way to spend family time, doing something fun and adventurous is going on a scuba diving holiday in Krabi. With good planning, this can be an adventure of a lifetime. Scuba diving in Krabi is a place that fits your skill level, budget, time and preferences. Normally, these sites are surrounded by breathtaking scenic views and you would not want to miss out on them since you are there anyway. To achieve a good balance, you can ask our guides for recommendations of good diving sites for your trip, combining with land based adventures. Obviously, you want your scuba diving holiday to be something special, a time to remember. Once a person experiences the wonders under the ocean in Krabi, there is no turning back.

You can discover many corals sites around Koh Ha and Koh Ha Yai, with large schools of colourful fish, such as red coral groupers, black spotted porcupine pufferfish, scorpionfish, lobsters, motleys, turtles and large fans. Leopard sharks can also be seen, along with many more. Whereas Koh Si, on the southern end of the island has good visibility. There are staghorn and brain corals. Schools of snapper and large grouper are common in this area, as well as the chance to see seahorses. This is also a good spot for the shy black-tip reef shark. Beautiful coral reefs lie 20m offshore at the small limestone island of Koh Poda. This island is also a popular choice for snorkeling. Another excellent scuba diving site is Hin Daeng (Red Rock), located south of Ao Nang which is part of the Lanta National Marine Park, where you can enjoy a magnificent number of large formations and stunning reefs. Here, soft corals in various shades of red and sea fans decorate the vertical wall, accommodating the presence of whale sharks and manta rays. Structurally Hin Daeng pinnacle protrudes 3m above the surface and drops 70m vertically below. This site is suitable for advanced divers. Hin Muang (Purple Rock), situated a few hundred metres from Hin Daeng, is covered with a colour-rich range of pink to purple soft corals, hence the name. This is Thailand’s highest vertical wall at 200m long and 20m wide. It is a home to anemones and colourful sea fans. There are little caves and ledges for the sea creatures to inhabit, including micro life. Manta rays, sharks and leopard sharks are seen around here. This site is also ideal for more experienced divers. The Phi Phi Islands immensely popular site with an unforgettable land and seascape is a gem of the Andaman Sea. It comprised of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. There are a number of dive sites to discover both for snorkeling and scuba diving. The best season to dive here is from February to May. Limestone cliffs that plunge down beneath the surface are the abode of lively soft coral, with a profusion of marine life, such as black and white banded sea snakes, turtles and nudibranches. Anemone Reef located 18km west of the Phi Phi Islands with 7m deep reef hosts a variety of clownfish, anemone crabs and clear cleaner shrimps. Large schools of fish are seen everywhere on this reef, including snapper, grouper, fusilier. Black-tip reef shark and leopard shark are frequently seen here.

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