Krabi Rainforest Day Tour

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Hot Spring, Krabi

Learn and discover the amazing natural wonders of the rainforest santuary in Krabi. Along the jungle tracks to the hotspring, watch out for the tall swaying bamboo trees that grows among other plants with their built-in defense systems; observe closely their big sharp thorns that protect themselves from danger. Species of insects, spiders, birds, flowers, rattan creepers and hermit mountain crabs can be found here. This place is rich in tropical  fora and fauna. Here one can observe the intricacy growth of the climbing rattan or the  marching black jungle ants among the pitcher plants growing under the forest canopy shade.

Emerald Pool, Krabi

The famous Krabi rainforest santuary features naturally hollowed-out “bathtubs jacuzzi” filled to the brim with running spring water at a pleasant 35-40C for you to relax in the jungle spa. The pool area was shady and a nice place to relieved stress, tension and soothing aching muscles.

A 30 minutes ride away, tug peacefully in the no-man land, lies Crystal Pool or ‘Sa Morakot’ in Thai. This is a greenish crystal reflection-hued natural pool at the centre of the Khao Nor Chuchi lowland forest, where the source of water originated. The pool is large enough to accommodate tourists going in for a dip or swimming. The water are chest deep and the temperature are cooling especially after the hotspring experience. Take extra care as the floor around the area is super slippery because there are these special layer of moss that grows around it’s surrounding. You can trek your way out of the rainforest along wooden walkway designed over flowing rapids, mossy pools with lots of tiger barbs and other fishes swimming around.

Emerald Pool, Krabi

End up the evening with the visit to Krabi Tiger Cave, home to the monks who meditate there among the limestone caves. Archeologists have found remnants of ancient habitations such as stone tools, shards of pottery and beads and idols of clay have all been unearthed. All these bear -testimony  to the cultural heritage of the area. A circular path in the nearby forest offers a pleasant walk and a 300-meters (1237 steps) high staircase leads to a large Buddha image and Buddha footprint perched atop the cliff enveloping the area with a great sunset view of the province below.

When you are in Krabi for a holiday, don’t miss Krabi Rainforest as it is all fun and exciting,  good for a group or family-oriented trip.

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