Exploring The Mangroves in Krabi.

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Krabi Estuary Ecosystem

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Krabi Community Based Management

Exploring The Mangroves in Krabi
Along the 2,600 km of the Andaman coastline of  Southern Thailand, the survival of  one and a half a million local coastal fishermen and their households is intimately linked to the health of the coastal wetland ecosystem. This ecosystem is composed of three important living resources : mangrove forests, sea grass beds and coral reefs
– forming a complex, interdependent, and delicately balanced natural connection.

Image Credit : Mangrove Action Project

The Krabi Estuary Ramsar Site

This site borders around the estuary itself, tidal flats, areas around the river  mouth,  Taling Chan,  Koh Klang, and the whole of Krabi Town. The development of Krabi as  the global marine tourism center and economic gateway of Asia depends heavily upon the wetland ecosystem. The participatory involvement of  the local communities is aware of the importance of the wetlands to their economic development.

Results of local community wisdom, knowledge, dedication and ability
to manage coastal resources for sustainable development.

  • Improved and revitalize the water of Krabi River and the surrounding marine ecosystems which in turn provides food and nutrients for animals and plants along the coast.
  • Water improvement leads to an increase of  fish stocks that attracts  fishermen back to healthy occupation, diverting them away from charcoal production, aquaculture, or illegal trawling.
  • With healthy bio-diversity, they provided more food chains for local consumption, increasing the commitment of local people as ” There is no forgiveness in nature. “
  • Strengthen local community bonds  as “ success bred success. ”
  • Promoting environmental care awareness among members of the public which involved local residents, students and visitors
  • Setting the goal towards ” Green Tourism ”  in Krabi where tourists feel relaxed and enjoy the stunning unspoiled natural beauty, with the chance to observe birds, monkeys and other animals in their natural habitat.

Canoeing and kayaking to plant mangrove trees in Krabi

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