Krabi Food, Culture and Pride.

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Thai Food Tonight ?

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Food is another fundamental part of the tourist experience.
Krabi is  well known for its amazing landscapes, beaches and islands. Blessed with attractions and interests well contained in close proximity and within easy reach for tourist to discover. Energetic packed with all kind of daily recreational activities  to participate and enjoys the scenery with their loved ones.
Apart from the daily recreational activities, one should not miss to discover and experience the local culinary attractions. Local bites and tastes acts as a vital link to our  unique culture and heritage. Different dishes and cooking plays an important part of everyday life. Whether it is a pancake served by the street vendor or a signature dish by a local restaurant  brings upon a moment  to enrich tourist experiences.

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Historical Link
Local food boast an ancient history. Every meals has its own historical influences brought about by our migrating ancestors from nearby countries. The early Chinese brought their way of wok cooking combining various types of meat and seafood with local vegetables, herbs and spices such as garlic and pepper to served with rice. Local cuisine is also heavily influenced by Indian spices and herbs brought along by the sea traders, evidently in the many Indian spices in its pastes. Settlers from the surrounding countries such as Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia have great influences in the complex taste of local cooking in Krabi.

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Favorite Pastime
It is a favorite pastime for the locals and the tourist to dine out probably because of the relatively cheaper price and quality of food served. Geographically situated with the Andaman Sea as its front and the fertile mountains behind, Krabi is really blessed with all kind of fresh produces, herbs and ingredients that make this place popular as a gourmet paradise.

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Street Food.
Many tourists tends to shy away from the street food with the cautious thinking that it is unhygienic and of low quality.  This may not be the case as the local people take their food very seriously. Most of the ingredients used are secured fresh from the wet morning market or brought in from the sea by the fishermen daily.  A good tip in finding a good street food in Krabi is to simply watch the crowd where the tourists gather to eat, especially in Ao Nang Beach areas and the popular Weekend Walking Street in Krabi Town. Street food is  the novelty among the younger tourists with most dishes going for between 20 and 40 Baht and you don’t  have to worry about the language to order, a smile and some pointing will get the order done.

Local Restaurants
In recent years with rising popularity of Krabi, the locals have sprout up a number of elegant furnished local style restaurants to caters to the growing demands. Most of these family run eateries caters to authentic Thai home cook cuisines that promise to delight your palate with signature dishes from all over Thailand. Tourist can enjoys a sumptuous meal under shelter of the pavilions in tropical gardens or enjoys  your dining in the al fresco  setting. Advanced booking are normally placed and accepted during the high peak season when tourist arrives  in busloads. Most Thai meals finish with fresh fruit but sometimes a sweet snack will be served as a dessert.

Fine Dining
The arrival of tourism in Krabi have resulted in an amazing setup of international eateries  concentrated at Ao Nang Beach. Fine dining  opportunities of international flavors such Italian, German, Scandinavian, Turkish are found in great numbers  near the beach front. Hotels or resorts in Krabi have their own culinary expertise to serve out good affordable meals for their guests. Arrangements and services that caters to celebrating private  moments like sunset dining, anniversaries, honeymoon or romance are also available too.

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